Letters to the editor

Congrats to the Tidings

I haven't seen much comment on the performance of the Ashland Daily Tidings (ADT) recently. Time was when people were hot to criticize you for everything: being too liberal, being reactionary, getting references wrong, being poor spellers,&

photographing gory-pierced body hangings (which I thought was an outstanding article), not donating to its favorite charity, whatever.

It seems people are usually more embarrassed to say something positive than to criticize.

I don't see nearly so much worthwhile in this world, that quality, conscientious performance should go unremarked.

So I commend you, ADT, on your openness to print public input letters, on your fine selection of balanced and&

intelligent outside editorial sources, on your well-chosen national and international briefs and on your own thoughtful and balanced editorial input &

Bolsinger, Green and Honor&

233;. (Lance Pugh is also always a delight.)

You deserve special commendation for your demonstrated courage in, one, continuing to press for reopening the Sept. 11, 2001, investigation, with an eye to exploring any "inside" complicity, and, two, maintaining an open forum on the global warming issue.

Don't let it go to your head, and keep it up!

Aaron Corbet

Homeless seek place to call home

The homeless seek not a handout, but a place in the community. Are the citizens of this little town so self-interested that they cannot allow into their hearts and minds the possibility that people who live another way and follow another path have something of value to say to them, something to contribute to the greater good? A campground &

self-administered, self-regulated and "green" &

is a great idea through which we can include into our community another dimension of diversity we say we desire. Now is our chance to show wisdom, compassion, inclusion and democracy, and in the process to enrich ourselves and our community.

Cynthia Zavatski

Bush corruptand incompetent

The debacle of the Iraq War has proven that the Bush administation is both corrupt and incompetent. The incompetence is led by George W. Bush. The corruption is mostly from the vice president's office. Both should be impeached. But Vice President Cheney should go sooner than Bush. I urge all to contact their senators and representatives to demand action.

Donald Stone

How about a big red 'A'?

If Jean Frazier is determined to repaint the large "A" on Grizzly Peak, perhaps she should consider the color red, as she would certainly be adulterating our beautiful hillside. It could be our very own "Scarlet Letter."

Nancy Spencer

No 'A' for me

I can hardly believe that the townspeople of Ashland are being threatened by a bully-mannered person or two who think they have a right to cram down our throats a big, white letter "A" on Grizzly Peak. That peak is in virtually everyone's view, and that view is the most coveted one from my little house.

No "A" for me, thank you. Isn't there a state law banning billboards? Can't someone prevail on the owner of the property to change his mind and revoke the permission he, purportedly, gave to Jean Frazier? There's got to be a way to get this to not happen. I think Frazier should grow up.

Jim Chadwick

Tidings needs to raise its standards

At what point does the Daily Tidings draw the line to uphold basic morals? I was recently abhorred by the picture of an artist couple standing in front of a nude painting. This enlarged photo was on the front cover of the Weekly Advertiser, which my children, ages 11, 13 and 14, deliver each Wednesday.

I am striving to raise children who will stand as decent, moral members of society. They have been taught to avoid pornography because of its destructive grip. Should my boys now be expected to spread this kind of nudity so other children can see it on their doorsteps or kitchen tables?

When I confronted the Daily Tidings' editors, their cop-out responses were, "It's considered art"; "That is the painting the couple wanted photographed"; and finally, "It is our standard practice to run the cover of Saturday's Etcetera on the front of the Weekly Advertiser."

My advice for the Tidings ... raise your standards!

Wendy Clark

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