Letters to the Editor

Ashland should respect Mother Nature

Regarding the defacing of Grizzly Peak, I would like to add my voice to this growing controversy. I moved to Ashland from Michigan because I wanted to have mountains for the remainder of my life.

I am nearly 50 years out of high school and having grown up looking at a letter of the alphabet on mountains near my home, I've learned more respect for Mother Nature. Grizzly Peak offers such an array of contrasts. Watching the clouds crawl along her peak provides endless enjoyment in my daily life. The clouds, shadows, rainbows, colors and textures offer so many varying views that I shudder to think that each day for the rest of my life I would look out there and see a big white "A."

I have been photographing Grizzly Peak since arriving here six months ago. I have also been inspired to write about her as I look out at her from nearly every window in my home. At this moment, I see her peak covered in the gray and white of today's clouds. I am also seeing this incredible view through the heavy raindrops falling from overhead.

While the clouds linger and the rain falls, the mountain is bathed in an opaque sunshine. It makes me sad to think this beautiful mountain and this lovely valley could be defaced by such potential clutter as a big white "A." How about a big white "A" on the athletic field instead? I am hoping for the support of my community in reining in such silliness.

Dale Muir

Thanks to Jenifer Carstensen

In this discouraging time of cuts and closures, there is one person that gives me hope that our community will survive all this sadness: Jenifer Carstensen, band director of Ashland Middle School.

She may seem like an unlikely candidate to inspire such hope, but with every lucky student who comes in contact with her and every privileged audience member who hears her concerts with our children comes more hope that the things we hold dear in this community will survive. You and your music are an amazing force, Jenifer, and I know I am not alone in expressing my gratitude for all you have done and will do in this community.

Jill Rendall

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