Letters to the Editor

Congrats to the Class of 2007

Spring is an exciting time for many Oregon families. Across the state, students at 197 school districts are walking down the aisle, receiving their diplomas and setting out on a new stage of their lives. It is their day and a highlight for family and friends.

These students entered our public schools in 1993, and as a community we've watched them grow and flourish. Now they've finished their journey with much pomp and circumstance. Please take a moment and celebrate these students and the educators who helped them succeed.

Graduates, you are ready to meet the next set of challenges that face you &

whether in further studies or in the workforce. Oregonians are proud of every one of you, and honored to have been a part of your success! I know you will make Oregon proud with all that you will accomplish.

Congratulations, Class of 2007, and good luck!

Susan Castillo Salem

Tony Blair should get Nobel Prize

It's a shame there isn't a Nobel Prize to award Tony Blair for his illustrious decade of leadership.

Have we ever known anyone more eloquent in public discussion and debate? But more than how, it was what he said that consistently showed authentic stature of statesmanship and character.

As the fine movie "The Queen" brings out, from the beginning he was sensitive and compassionate for people while acutely responsible to the public need.

Meanwhile the incisive courage of his support for President Bush has helpfully balanced the agony of the stagnated war, even as he nobly endured his share of mounting peace-now wrath.

Let us bravely hope some of Tony's spirit may rub off on Angela Merkel in Germany and Nicolas Sarkozy in France (among others!). If so, there is still good hope for our Euro-American and human future.

Andrew Foster

Recycling should stay 'progressive'

It's true. What's happening to Southern Oregon? We've lost our libraries, and now this.

Seems a bit backward for an organization that is pulling in outstanding performing arts.

As Rick Hood, in his debut season as executive director, states, "I look forward to updating you on our progress as we improve and upgrade our Jacksonville facility, and other plans that will help Britt thrive and serve this community well for another 45 years and beyond."

I hope recycling will be back on as a "progressive" improvement!

Wondering what Michael Franti of Spearhead would have said about this, as he opened up the season last Friday night.

Wish he would've known!

Lynda Sirianni

Suggestion for Ashland eateries

It's a note to put on their tables.

Dear Patrons:

The 5 percent tax imposed on your meals goes to maintain Lithia Park, which receives hundreds of visitors every year. Thank you for helping us maintain our most precious jewel. The Management

Carola Lacy

Regarding the nude painting

If God had intended for nudity to be acceptable we would be born that way.

Richard Hartley

Nude art goes back for centuries

I read Wendy Clark's Letter to the Editor on June 13, referring to the enlarged photos on the front cover of the Weekly Advertiser of an artist couple standing in front of a nude painting, and was truly amazed that she was "abhorred by the picture."

I expect her children, ages 11, 13 and 14, who saw this paper were not "abhorred," unless she has put strange thoughts in their heads.

She said she "strives to raise children who will stand as decent moral members of society and avoid pornography." Has this woman never viewed "real art"? Some of the most famous and talented artists have painted nudes for centuries and what, may I ask is pornographic about the human body painted in a beautiful fashion?

These poor children may find something even more abhorrent on their wedding day &

or sooner &

if Clark doesn't change her attitude and fears.

Linda Sanders

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