Letters to the editor

Response to an 'interesting' Sept. 11 letter

Will Wilkinson's June 19 letter ("Look deeper into government's Sept. 11 explanation") was extremely interesting.

He writes about "ground fires burning at temperatures far exceeding jet fuel." He doesn't mention that people reported hearing the sound of explosives. In fact, putting explosive material on several floors of the Twin Towers is a well-documented way of destroying a building. It is called "controlled demolition" and the building to be destroyed drops straight down as did the Twin Towers.

What needs to be known is that Bush's brother Marvin was the supervisor of one of the Towers and his cousin was supervisor of the other Tower, and they would have been in an excellent position to arrange for the explosive material to be stored on many of the floors. They had also stored explosives in building 7 expecting that a plane would also hit it. Building 7 completely collapsed even though a plane did not hit it.

This certainly indicates that the Bush administration knew that planes driven by foreign terrorists would hit the Twin Towers. The administration had been warned several times by the CIA and the Secret Service that terrorists were planning to drive planes into the Twin Towers, but they kept those warnings secret. They did not warn the major Eastern airports of the possibility of a terrorist attack. We also have planes always ready to stop any plane flying off their flight schedule, but no plane was ordered to stop the planes flying off flight schedule as they flew from the Boston airport to New York City.

Did the Bush administration believe that the disaster they had permitted would provide a good rationale for going to war in Iraq? The president himself declared that the attacks provided "a great opportunity."

Johanna Fisher

Book suggestion about foreign policy

Let me suggest a book to our readers by Michael Oren, "Power, Faith and Fantasy: America in the Middle East: 1776 to the Present." The book is for those who are bewildered by the foreign policy our country has undertaken in the Middle East. Our historical actions in that part of the world have often been capricious; however, we do seem to follow a common theme.

Earle Sloan

County residents should step up

Rep. Peter Buckley's "Guest Opinion" (Mail Tribune, June 18) is right on target. The citizens of Jackson County must start taking responsibility for the quality of services and life here. It's time to stop complaining and pointing fingers. Let's have community forums in each town, learn the facts about how the county budget works and come up with some creative ideas to fund a thriving county.

I do believe that we want good roads, public safety, health and transportation systems. I do believe that we want libraries, the historical society and recreational programs. Let's help the County Commissioners make wise decisions. The Blue Ribbon Commission is not coming up with any new ideas; it's time for the citizens to step up.

Jan Waitt

'YouTube' shows how WTC

buildings fell

For those who doubt that passenger planes could down the Twin Towers in New York City, I suggest they watch a 3-D animation prepared by scientists at Purdue University. It shows exactly how the planes caused the buildings to collapse. The scientists are interesting in designing better buildings, not in fanning people's fears. I refer to the recent speaker at Southern Oregon University who suggested the buildings' collapse was an inside job.

The video: /watch'v=cddIgb1nGJ8

Kernan Turner

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