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'Abortion should be outlawed'

Sofi Haelan makes a couple of common propaganda claims in her statement, "We must preserve the right to choose without government interference."

First, Haelan claims that outlawing abortion would be "government interference." She must realize governments should always interfere to protect the innocent and defenseless. Could you imagine someone claiming that laws against child molestation were unwarranted government interference? Just as governments should interfere to protect children from perverts, so should governments interfere to stop the killing of unborn babies. Therefore, abortion should be outlawed.

Second, abortion advocates like to call abortion the "right to choose." They pretend that the abortion debate is over a generic issue like freedom. Slave owners used the same ploy, claiming a right to choose to own slaves. How dare anyone trample on a white person's right to choose? Do you see how nice that sounds? But you can never separate the concept of "choice" from what's being chosen. You always have to finish the sentence &

the right to choose what? Just as whites shouldn't have the right to choose to enslave blacks, neither should we have the right to choose to kill innocent pre-born humans. Therefore, abortion should be outlawed.

In addition we must recognize that people choose to get pregnant when they have consensual sex. This is true even when the couple doesn't want to get pregnant and has used contraception. To kill the unborn baby in such circumstances is like inviting someone over to your house and then shooting him or her for trespassing.

Kathy Watson

Please no 'A'

Weeks ago I phoned Jean Frazier to oppose her plan for a white 50-foot-tall "A" on Grizzly Peak. We had a very civil conversation. I then spoke with an Ashland High School advisor expressing my opposition.

The veneer of civility has dissipated. A recent Tidings article quotes Frazier as saying, "Let them move back to California or wherever they came from." This was said to anyone who doesn't like the idea of her human defacement.

Why Frazier continues to pursue her plan when Ashland High's administrators have distanced themselves from supporting it, seems strange.

Attracted to Ashland's scenic beauty and rural feel when I moved here 10 years ago, the idea of the view of Grizzly Peak from my front porch being marred by outdated means of instilling school pride saddens and angers me.

She has the right to paint away. She doesn't, in my opinion, have the right to deface nature that affects all that view one of Ashland's iconic spots.

An "A" on Grizzly Peak will cause further controversy and strife, not civic pride and enthusiasm. Grizzly Peak is one of our landmarks that deserves to be treated with more respect than that of a "glorified billboard." (Tidings editorial).

Bob Saunders

Resurrect the weed-covered 'O'

Now that the hillside "A" has been restored and repainted, visible once more in Ashland, it is time to do some further restoration on the hillside.

There is in that same area as the "A," a neglected and weed-covered big "O," which was placed on the hillside even earlier than the "A." It too needs to be cleaned and painted and made a part of our local memorabilia.

I think the "O" was first put on the hillside in the late 1920s. I know that my mother baked apple pies for the crew to carry with them as they worked to install the original "O."

These two letters are a part of Ashland local history and should be preserved and enjoyed as such.

Alberta Apenes

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