Letters to the Editor

Golden can be trusted in Congress

If Jeff Golden decides to run for the Senate, he'll have my vote. He would provide one of the rare voices of reason in Congress and model for other politicians how governance is supposed to work. His intelligence, good listening skills and respect for callers of all persuasions as host on "The Jefferson Exchange" would benefit his constituents.

Our political system has been corrupted by both major parties, both in terms of honesty and in the lack of genuine concern for our future. Golden's book, "As If We Were Grownups," demonstrating speeches politicians should be giving, instead of the usual fare, is unabashedly honest. The possibility of his being in Congress is a most hopeful idea. It would show that we truly could, with his help, make a difference.

Diana Morley


Run, Jeff, run

Jeff Golden for U.S. Senator. What a great idea. Most everyone who listens to his radio show knows that this guy actually listens. What a delight it might be to have a political leader who actually discusses issues, and in considerable depth.

It is also my guess that he will prove to be quite visionary in what we might do to take back our country.

Run, Jeff, run.

Bill Kauth


'I love this town'

It's 1:19 p.m. Friday, June 22.

I phoned the Ashland Parks Recreation office. A cheerful voice, "Becky," answered; I had just walked past a pyracantha bush with long thorns, and it was sticking out over the sidewalk. The bush was on park property, and Becky's response was, "I'll get someone right on it and thanks for calling."

It's now 1:31 p.m.

Park worker Ann has just finished picking up the pruned thorny branches. Wow. I love this town.

J. Stark

Kudos to APD

The last weekend in June, I stayed in a hotel in Ashland. Stupidly, I took off my diamond ring while showering and after packing, left it on the bathroom counter. When I returned home to Grants Pass, I remembered my ring and immediately called the hotel. They checked the room, but it had been cleaned and the ring was nowhere to be found. The hotel management was unsympathetic and denied that their maids might be responsible for taking a customer's possession, implying that I lost it somewhere else. I was very distraught and called the Ashland Police Deptartment to report it. Officer Lewoski called me back, listened carefully to my story and said she would do what she could.

That day she talked to the manager of the hotel, and discovered they had questioned the wrong maid. She called me to let me know she would be questioning the correct cleaner the next day. I had given up hope of seeing my ring again and was shocked when Lewoski called me that afternoon, had me describe the ring and said she had it. She is the most courteous and professional police officshe er I have ever come across, and is an asset to the APD. I am grateful to Lewoski for recovering my valuable ring and have definitely learned my lesson. I only hope the hotel management learns some customer relation skills. I am still waiting for an apology.

Sally Schulte

Grants Pass

Cheney should be impeached

Any responsible teacher or parent knows about the danger of setting precedents. If we do not impeach Cheney, we will have set a horrendous precedent for the future and have proven that we have no meaningful appreciation for, or understanding of, constitutional democracy.

Ron Hertz

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