Letters to the editor

A message from Abe Lincoln

I'm alive, and I'm innocent.

I'm wondering if anyone got pictures or video of me at the Fourth of July parade running from the police at the front of the parade? Please contact me.

Dan Shaw


Pardoning Libby is strike three

Enough is enough. Pardoning of "Scooter" Libby's jail time is the last straw. These criminals in the White House must be impeached. We did not elect Napoleon Bonaparte to be our leader; as a matter of fact, we did not elect George W. Bush.

He stole two elections. I will give Napoleon some credit; he at least led his troops in combat. Now we have an AWOL National Guardsman as our commander in chief.

Wake up, Americans. This man and his second-in-command, Dick Cheney, are corrupting our country.

Vince Raisola

'Shocked' at U.S. voting method

I'm 86 years old and have voted every year since I was 21.

I am shocked at the unethical use of electronic voting machines, election boards discriminating against minorities and voters confused by touch-screen voting machines that don't even have a paper record to check when necessary.

Gerald Hirschfeld

Wondering what became of

To quote Marjorie: "Whatever became of the Ashland we once knew?" I wonder the same.

When my husband and I moved here in 1980 to retire, we felt that we had discovered a paradise shared with 14,000 people. We purchased an existing house, not encroaching on the lovely environment.

If we had to make a retirement decision in 2007, we would not have chosen Ashland, now a community of 20,000-plus and not so livable anymore.

Why can't the newcomers adjust to existing conditions rather than duplicate what they left behind, namely ostentation.

Ilse Nicholson

Impeachment is the only way to go

Impeachment is the only available constitutional remedy.

If we are to preserve our democracy in the face of high treason or merely the worst incompetence of the executive branch in American history, we must act now.

Daniel Guy


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