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Opposing voter reform is


Opposition to voter reform is cynical and un-American, and usually done by Republicans. I also favor instant runoff elections. Giving third parties a chance, without risking another Bush, would be a good thing. I channel our founding fathers all the time, and they like the idea.

Jerry Nutter

Trojan horse bill

H.R. 811 &

the bill which will supposedly address and reform the serious problems inherent in electronic voting &

is in reality a Trojan horse, which will perpetuate the most insidious flaws and lock them into federal law.

The provisions for auditing the vote count are a sham intended merely to assure voters that their votes are being accurately counted. The truth is that all the computer experts tell us that there is simply no way to know if the thousands of lines of programming codes contain secret mechanisms to tamper with the vote counts. There is no way to audit these machines. Even the concept of a paper trail will not work.

We need Congress to follow the example of Florida and ban these machines outright. Good, old-fashioned paper ballots are much cheaper, more efficient and, more importantly, voters can be confident that they are not easily tampered with.

Please contact your senators and representatives in Congress and register your opposition to H.R. 811 today. This is not a trivial matter, folks &

the future of American democracy is at stake.

Stuart Davies

'Resurrection of the movement'

My wife and I started dating during the summer of 1967, yes, the summer of love. It was a great time in the Bay Area. I was born in San Francisco and she in Berkeley. The movement was on.

We felt a part of a oneness that was going to change the world. The great surge of spiritual growth slowed to a crawl with raising a family, making a living and almost falling back to a "business as usual" condition.

Recently, after being invited to the Briscoe School event by Peter Hoyt, I felt a resurrection of the movement. I want to acknowledge Ashland for their financial support of the event.

Kurt Dambacher


Thank you library supporters

What a great Fourth of July parade. A huge thank you to all the library supporters out there. Yeah, to those who marched in the parade. Yeah, to those who cheered hoping for a library reopening at the parade. Yeah, for those working the information booth. Yeah, for those who got their hands stamped with "I Love My Library." Yeah, for those who got a free book (thank you to Judi Honore and others for donating them).

The community response to our parade entry was terrific. Now we will work for the Ashland library campaign in September, check out , then work on getting library service throughout the county.

Amy Blossom, Helga Motley

and the Friends of the Ashland Library

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