Letters to the editor

What would Gandhi do?

I keep thinking, what would Gandhi do about this murderous war criminal, Bush, in charge of the largest military and largest mercenary force (Blackwater) in the world? How can the American people (there is a difference between "We the People" and the U.S. Government Inc.) and the people of the world free themselves from the oppression of the U.S. government?"

But what is the equivalent of making our own salt or making our own clothes in today's culture?

I can think of organizing free meals for our communities. With corporations wanting to make a profit on everything, this really raises concerns among the powers that be.

There are probably better ideas, though. If you can think of something better, do it.

Karl Haynes

Griffin's comment on global warming

Many of us were shocked by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin's recent, cryptic comment regarding global warming: "It is arrogant for certain people to decide that today's climate is the best climate for all other human beings."

As if we should want it to keep getting hotter. But it does make sense when you realize that, right now, business people have to use icebreakers to get at Siberia's oil. (So expensive; the U.S. would like more methyl bromide, please.) I just don't know what they're going to do when there's nobody left on the planet to buy that oil. I think it's one of those deals where everybody gets burned.

Patti Morey

Farm bill messed up food supply

The current Farm Bill has messed up our food supply to the point that we may never fully recover. However, I am encouraging Congress to take this opportunity to help improve the situation for the farmers and our food supply by voting to reform this blunder of a bill that now exists. Thank you.

Carolynn A. Kelley

Lithia Park duck ponds

I was born here in 1948. For years, any day was a great day to visit Lithia Park. Stroll along the paths, have a picnic, play, and watch the ducks and the beautiful swans glide gracefully across the water.

Now the swans are gone. We have been promised for the last eight years that the duck ponds will be restored. The lower one is so clean, the ducks do not want to swim. The upper one is so slimy, the ducks can hardly push their way across the water.

For 50 years the duck ponds were a joy to me and anyone who saw them. Now they are just sad. Cities from Europe to our West Coast do not seem to have any trouble with their duck ponds. Maybe it is time for us to ask them what we could do to improve ours.

Linda Clark

Ashland's looming water shortage

I was thinking about the water shortage in Ashland and what a potentially serious situation this could be.

A few months ago, I began using buckets in my bathtub to catch the water while waiting for the shower to get hot. I was amazed at how much water was retained. I now use this extra water to flush my toilets, water my plants, and even wash the dishes.

I am wondering how important it is, at this crucial time of potential drought, to continue to have such luxurious gardens. I realize how aesthetically pleasing it is to have beautiful flowers and lawns adorning our houses, but perhaps to consider conserving the water for more important, fundamental and essential uses are now absolutely required.

I would hate to see our community not have enough to drink, bathe or cook with because the roses were wilting in the sun. It may be time to prioritize.

Leslie Caplan

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