Letters to the editor

The Chinese have guts

Saddam Hussein gassed his own people and China puts poison in toothpaste, but I never really believed that our government actually gave the American Indians blankets of smallpox. The Chinese at least have the guts to execute their traitorous officials of trust.

Steve Levine

Illegal drugs need a universal standard

I recently saw that performance-enhancing drugs are starting to be used in the sport of golf. I was saddened to see that the use of illegal drugs is now spreading to other sports. It's time to make one, grand, universal rule: All performance-enhancing drugs are illegal and should not be used in any sport from high school to professional. Creating a universal standard can be accomplished only if the federal government creates a single uniform standard for all sports in all states.

Getting rid of performance-enhancing drugs is the only way to ensure that only those who deserve to win and work to win, actually do win.

Josh Harris

Amazed to see other library opens

I'm an eastern Oregon native who recently journeyed to Wallowa County, my birthplace, for a writing conference, for a visit with my grandson and for a high school class reunion in sagebrush country along the Columbia River.

I was amazed to see that every little hamlet had its library &

open, with generous hours. There I stopped to check my e-mail, to read the local newspaper and to chat with the natives about the places I was visiting. Wherever I went, libraries were bustling with folks of all ages. It was the same in Prineville, Redmond, Madras, Pendleton, Hermiston, Wallowa, Enterprise and Joseph. The folks along the way had heard about our libraries closing and they all expressed disbelief that such a basic service would go unfunded. Well-known Oregon writers Kim Stafford, Ursula K. Leguin and Barry Lopez expressed their shock and dismay.

A concerned friend from Enterprise, population 1,895, loaded me up with several hundred children's books she had saved since hearing of our plight. I brought them home to offer local readers. I am sad to report that Jackson County has earned a smudge on everyone's map.

May we save ourselves, and soon.

Ann Magill

No denying some cyclists are 'thugs'

As a "serious bicyclist," I won't deny Dick Pischel's views (July 20) that some cyclists or for that matter, car drivers, could qualify as "thugs bent on having things their way regardless of the discomfort and danger to others."

I do take issue with Pischel's broad-brush condemnation of "the vast majority of serious bicyclists as arrogant, self-centered, rude and dangerous."

The vast majority of cyclists in this region are likely the Siskiyou Velo Bicycle Club, which has 331 members. I cycle with this group, as well as Ashland's Rogue Recyclers, a senior group of 26 men and women &

and we do wear "funny hats," which we call helmets and bright clothes designed for high visibility and comfort.

I'm sure this "vast majority" is not what Pischel has in mind when he condemns miscreant bicyclists. His wrath is likely properly slammed at some bicyclists.

Phil Gagnon

Rewriting Measure 37

It's interesting that after waiting 30 years for Oregon's Legislature to correct the inherent ills of LCDC's restrictive regulations, the Oregon electorate finally did so themselves by promoting and passing Measure 37.

Now it's ironic that Gov. Ted Kulongoski and the corporate Democrat legislators are working to disembowel Measure 37 by rewriting it to their liking of near total restrictive regulations. In their rewrite they make a few small concessions to bait voters, but their bill also ads several restrictive regulations not previously affected.

Our Democrat legislators for the purpose of eviscerating Measure 37 contrived HB 3540. For Oregon voters that bill is d&


224; vu all over again, as those Democrats seemingly do not understand the meaning of the word no.

Leonard Vedder


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