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A visitor's


I think we can all agree it's beneficial to have as many perspectives as possible on any issue &

particularly one impacting every resident. In that spirit, I'd like to add one more regarding the current library closure.

Not surprisingly, my daughter and grandchildren, visiting over the Fourth from Southern California, expressed astonishment about the shutdown of the library system.

After the two-mile run and parade, while awaiting the award ceremony at the library, my daughter turned to me and said: "Mom, first of all, with all the runners (and) walkers in this area, what about having a "Run for Readers," with each participant soliciting donations from family and friends? Then, with the huge importance of the written word &

in particular to the local arts and educational organizations (and) institutions &

what about putting on a benefit performance, with those groups providing the 'headliners' and everyone else participating in other needed capacities? These would be meaningful ways to demonstrate the community's commitment to unlocking the library doors."

My response, "Great idea." While the official dimensions of this effort would have to be determined by higher-ups, and there would be a compressed period of time for pulling it off, I believe a large cadre of committed residents would be ready to volunteer. As for me, a primary goal would be to recruit my fellow S.M.A.R.T. reading volunteers to join in this cause. How about you?

Dee Decker

Bush obstructed justice

Whatever happened to the rule of law? Bush granting clemency to "Scooter" Libby, who lied before a grand jury to protect Bush and Cheney, is a travesty of justice. The lies were made to obstruct who outed a CIA agent, a treasonous action.

The Republicans who claim to value the Constitution and the rule of law celebrate Libby's commutation claiming it was a partisan witch hunt. That logic doesn't wash. Republican Attorney General John Ashcroft called for the investigation before recusing himself. Ashcroft's recusal put James Comey, another Republican, in charge of the investigation. Comey then selected Pat Fitzgerald, another Republican, as the prosecutor. He tried the case before Judge Reggie Walton, another Republican, appointed to his position by Bush. A jury found Libby guilty. Finally, the appeals court ruled that Libby must report to prison during his appeal. Two of those judges are also Republicans. Our system of justice worked ... until the clemency.

The Constitution does not allow for executive interference when he is connected in a suspicious manner to the person being granted clemency. What Bush did is obstruction of justice, the punishment is impeachment. Congress, it is time to act.

Richard Browne

'It's our turn,' Cheney says

The privatization of the U.S. military has increased exponentially since Vietnam. Private companies learned they'd make incredible profits acquiring tax-free, no-bid defense contracts &

powerful and influential people in our government are beholden to the contractors, many are ex-military.

Their purpose is to take this opportunity, "It's our turn," Vice President Cheney said, and profit off the inflated military budget, which is fueling the homeland economy.

The budget of the Iraq war is separate. Most of the funds are going to private contractors who provide the services that the military once provided its ground forces. They provide the logistics of waging war and like living at home: overpriced housing, fuel, water, fast food, toilets, showers, laundry, transportation, entertainment, etc."" they're making incredible profits.

The Iraq war hasn't been waged to win or achieve a semblance of success.

Pentagon experts were right from the start, advocating 250,000 troops &

the war would be over in two years. The surge simply appeases waning support while the privateers accept their decreased profits of supporting more soldiers.

For whom is it being waged? For whom are our soldiers making the ultimate sacrifice? Privatization effectively weakened the military of the Roman Empire and caused its eventual downfall.

Richard Altig


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