Letters to the editor

Betrayed by Mt.

As loyal Mt. Ashland skiers for years now we would like our objections to be heard regarding the Monday Tuesday closure plus no night skiing on Saturday. We, our family of four, have spent over $800 for '07/'08 season passes to now hear that we will not have access to the mountain on two days and one night per week.

We imagine Mt. Ashland thinks their decision to be fiscally responsible; however for many pass holders the decision is frustrating and inconsiderate. Do we get any money back for the purchase of a service which has now decreased? We doubt it.

Mt Ashland states it is "the rising cost of insurance, maintenance, technology and future planning [that has] all had a significant effect on our bottom line." Let's be honest here. It is the rising cost of planning the expansion we are all paying for, isn't it?

As we all know the expansion is a very contentious issue which has worked to divide an otherwise close-knit community of winter enthusiasts. Many of us have supported and stood by Mt Ashland's work thus far towards the expansion. Therefore the decision to limit access to the mountain feels like a betrayal and reminds us of the old saying about being careful to not bite the hand that feeds you.

We're thinking Mt. Shasta just got a little closer.

The Cortell Family

Thanks to Chad Cota

My name is Quaid Payton Walters. I'm a seventh-grade student at Ashland Middle school, and a future Grizz football player like you were. I would like to thank you and Ronnie Lott and all the rest of the guys for hosting a football camp for kids to learn the game. I had a great time learning from the pro's. My favorite player is Walter Payton, not because he was a great football player but because he gave so much back to the community he lived in and grew up in, just like you are doing. You may not be a Hall of Famer in the eyes of the NFL, but you are a Hall of Famer in my book. Thank you for setting up the camp, and I hope to be just like you.

Quaid Walters Future Grizz.

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