Letters to the editor

SCHIP funding necessary

The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is a federal insurance program for low-income and uninsured children. Current SCHIP authorization expires Sept. 30.

Both houses of Congress have voted to reauthorize and expand coverage for an additional 3.2 million children, allowing states the resources for families ineligible for Medicaid and unable to afford private insurance. It would allow more preventive care and decrease costly trips to the ER. Yet President Bush has declared he will veto any bills expanding SCHIP. He claims such insurance coverage would be socialized medicine. As one more important step for peace, please urge your legislators and the president to support health insurance for our nation's most vulnerable children.

Sofi Haelan

The perfect plot for Mt.

The Mount Ashland ski-area expansion saga has all the ingredients of a long-running soap opera. Tune in tomorrow and see if Eric Navickas decides to renew his law suit; Cate Hartzell decides that eight years is enough time to make a decision; Mt. Ashland Association will file a business plan with "The City"; the judge can offer a ruling in less than six months. Don't miss the next episode. All this would be relatively funny if there wasn't so much money involved. You would think that after years of study and discussion, a group of supposedly intelligent, knowledgeable, informed people would have been able to resolve this issue.

You'd think so, wouldn't you?

Robert Graham

'The symbolic unknown'

This Jew invites the telling of the story of Rachel Corrie.

When we open our doors to Elijah at our feast of prayer and repast, we are welcoming the unknown. We laugh each year as the cat saunters in. We grow secure in the predictability and gentleness of the symbolic unknown.

We rejoice in the freedom from historical bonds of enslavement and we grow complacent as our bonds morph into less visible forms.

Community theater is a banquet with some trappings of the Passover board. The scavenged tables don't match up for all plates to sit level. The assemblage is shoehorned into the grandparents' biggest room.

And we're willing to sacrifice comfort so we can share and argue. Stories are told, with artful locution and masterful direction, gifts for our quest of awareness and understanding of the real unknown.

I'm already waiting in line to buy my ticket and one extra for Elijah. Will you be my guest?

Paul Kay

Lobbying for Mount

Mt. Ashland Association recently announced terminating operations on non-holiday Mondays and Tuesdays. According to the revised schedule on the MAA Web site, this will result in losing 34 days of skiing and riding if we are open for a full season.

If you like to ski or ride on those days and don't want to lose nearly five weeks of the mountain operating, call the MAA office, ask to speak to the general manager, write to the MAA Board of Directors (P.O. Box 220, Ashland, OR 97520), and politely ask them to reinstate Monday and Tuesday operations.

The general manager and the board are good listeners and if enough people call and write they will respond in a positive manner and give us Mondays and Tuesdays back.

Pete Toogood

Measure 37 claims unsubstantiated

Our governor and Democrats in the Oregon Legislature would have us believe that all claims filed under Measure 37 have been filed by corporations seeking to fill all the Willamette Valley's farmland with condos.

The Democrats make that claim without providing specifics of any case, which would substantiate their claims. Those Democratic claims are mere doublespeak intended to create hoopla-hype voter appeal for the wry measure scheduled for our ballots this fall.

Leonard Vedder


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