Letters to the editor

'I pray for one day'

I put my intentions out every day to stop the greed, corruption, self-serving, manipulating government we have had in the last few years. I pray for the day when we have honest elections, ethical legislature and a president who can see a global picture of peace, not empire.

I pray for one day that we spend more energy providing food and not arms, waging peace and not war, looking for likenesses rather than differences, and respecting the differences, honoring our waters, and our topsoil, and our citizenry and their right to education, health care, and a decent wage with an honest economy and a fair and just taxation.

Perhaps one day I will see these things manifest &

hopefully, in my lifetime.

Nancy Rose

Teach the future a lesson

As was well-stated by two constitutional authorities on Bill Moyer's Journal in recent days, impeachment is not an option, it is a constitutional obligation to make it clear that no administration should be permitted to flaunt our system of checks and balances as has the Bush administration.

Impeachment is necessary to remove such unconstitutional additions to the "Presidential toolbox," for not only this administration but for those yet to come. It is not so much a "slap" at the current president and vice president, as it is a realignment of presidential obligations to the Constitution. If we ignore such flagrant abuses of power, what message will that send to those in the future?

Frederic Gibbs

First and foremost: impeach

It is imperative for the health of our Constitution and democracy that impeachment proceedings be initiated now against both President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Their acts of commission (signing statements, misleading us into a disastrous invasion of Iraq, a ruinous run-up of federal expenditures, etc.) and omission (failure to respond quickly and effectively to Hurricane Katrina, inadequate response to our wounded Iraqi vets, etc.) has hurt our country both nationally and internationally.

Impeachment proceedings must be No. — on our national agenda. The separation of powers must be observed, and our basic rights restored.

The precedents of the Bush administration cannot be allowed to stand.

This is not a partisan issue. It is a constitutional necessity.

The impeachment clause is mentioned five times in the Constitution because our Founding Fathers knew that an overreaching executive branch might some day seek to assume powers of a king.

Please join in this growing movement to defend the U.S. Constitution, and our basic rights.

Lyn Levin

A Peace-ful walk near Peace Fence

I walked the Peace Fence early this morning &

so early the sun was merely a hint behind the soft foothills. In this quiet landscape all was exquisitely beautiful.

I made a few simple repairs as I moved along the length of this colorful wall of hope &

and I felt oh-so privileged to be here, to be one tiny part of the tender caring of this sacred space. As the pastels of dawn swiftly gave way to a dazzling summer morning, it became clear to me that here, indeed, was sacredness writ large. The writings and images offered up and lashed to a lowly fence seemed not unlike a fabric version of petroglyphs painted by ancient peoples on walls of stone.

These artistic expressions flutter, prayer flag-like, every day in the breezes and transform a plain strip of chain link into an extraordinary messenger, gently and heartfully whispering hope and harmony. This is holy work, this whispering of peacefulness into the airstreams. Certainly, everyone who's contributed in ways large or small, or who's been appreciative and nodded a silent thank you in passing, are all part of The Great Blessing.

Gratitudes to each and every one.

Nancy Bardos

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