Letters to the editor

A response to Nancy Fox

This is in response to Nancy Fox's letter about "death with dignity laws." It's too bad Nancy values life so little that she feels that blindness and incontinence take away from human dignity. Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma both run in my family. Heaven forbid I ever get a bladder infection that causes incontinence.

As for the sick person screaming out in "excruciating pain," that isn't necessary in this day and age. I need not imagine it as Nancy suggested in her letter. I DID lose my mother from a terminal illness &

metastasized cancer. My mother didn't scream out in excruciating pain. She had hospice care, which is kind and compassionate. Hospitals and adult foster care homes provide state of the art medication to control pain right until the end to make people as comfortable as possible. This is not the Dark Ages.

True dignity is being around loved ones ... not ending it all because you've become an expensive burden. I'm saddened that Nancy would feel "at wit's end" at the end of her parents' lives if they struggle with an illness. I'm sure her parents felt "at wit's end" during Nancy's infancy or childhood when things seemed stressful and there seemed no end in sight. The ever increasing costs and burden of a sick family member is no reason to end a life. True love is being there for them at the end, through "burdensome" times, even when blind, incontinent and terminal. That's true dignity.

Niquita Wilkinson

Eagle Point

Ya gotta love our gov't

Doncha just hate it when you're right about the government? When they stopped the timber funds and jeopardized our county with the loss of services (fire depts, police, schools, libraries, etc.) I said to myself, "How long before they make us an offer we can't refuse?"

Sure enough, now, we're being "offered" a chance to clear cut our forests. And, if that makes us all shudder in disgust, they're willing to give us a spoonfull of sugar with a plan!

Do ya think that's what they had in mind all along? Nah, not our government! They wouldn't do that. Would they?

Gianna Fitz-Gerald

It's not that impressive

It seems we are frequently reminded of the vast value of the claims filed under Measure 37. The causes for those filed claims did not occur this year or last year, they materialized over a 33-year span of denied property rights.

That total value of claims when divided by 33 is not nearly so impressive a number.

Leonard Vedder


Open letter to Sen. Ron Wyden

Senator Wyden,

I appreciate your vote against the attack of Iraq, but now you must do more. When you assumed office you vowed by oath to uphold and defend the laws of the United States.

I hold in my hand a short essay I will submit to you, written by world renowned lawyer and U.S. court recognized international law expert Ann Fagan Ginger who founded Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute &

a unique center for civil and human rights.

This essay explains in a detailed legally sound argument why pre-emptive/preventive war &

the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq &

are against the law of the United States.

What I ask of you now is that you immediately disseminate this essay to your colleagues, to all members of Congress, President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of State Rice, U.S. Attorney Gonzales and to anyone else who is interested in truth and justice &

and who will support and defend the law of the United States.

When, and if you do so, and you back it with emotion and action, and I see a movement by the government, and we, the people returning to law and order, then &

and only then &

can we proclaim that we are a nation of laws.

Robert S. Macknowski

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