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Kudos to Ashlandfor Measure 15-79

I don't live in Ashland, but was pleased to see that the people of Ashland are interested enough to put a new measure on the ballot for September. Measure15-79 would give Ashland a chance to reopen their libraries for two years with time to work on a new proposal to keep it open permanently. Clearly enough people there care about their children's futures, their community and the overall education of their residents. Hopefully all of Jackson County will see their libraries open soon. When you live in a small community like I do your library is your town!

Arlene Aron


Disappointed with

I am a frequent visitor to Ashland to see my son. Until he purchased a house I had the pleasure of staying in Ashland's one high-rise, pleasantly European-style hotel. The calm here is most enjoyable, also the great trees and swimming in Emigrant Lake.

The municipal landscaping is especially fine.

I hope henceforth to see my son elsewhere as I shall not return because of what I consider to be two scandals and one unfortunate inconvenience: Ashland has deprived its citizens, and shamefully its youth, of a library. In the 21st century such ineptitude is an insult to its

taxpayers and visitors. The second scandal is the gagging of intellectual freedom by allowing the long talons of Israel to shred its theatre scene. By not permitting a production of the play "Rachel Corrie" Ashland invites vicious censorship to curtail freedom of thought. Can your people live with this?

Last, speedboats are permitted in the lake. They spew fumes into the lungs of swimmers, deafen our ears, instill a certain fear and mar the landscape &

this in a state which I had imagined to be environmentally inclined.

Simone Swan

Santa Fe, NM

Ashland needs to see 'Corrie'

I just finished reading Peter Alzado's apologia on the Corrie issue, as it appeared in the Tidings (Aug. 10). But I am still confused: Is he going to produce the play or not? Is he considering a post-performance open "forum for insight and understanding," as happened after his performances of Miller's The Crucible? Or are we going to continue "running around in circles?" That's not clear to me.

Back in the '50s, Leon Uris wrote "Exodus," which attained such popularity that it was made into a movie. The novel and film portrayed the heroic efforts of European Jews to immigrate to Israel, but it also rewrote a lot of history, including the portrayal of Palestinians as not much better than uncivilized desert nomads. I don't recall much controversy following the book publication or its filming.

Americans were rightfully sympathetic to the plight of European Jews. But now Israel is doing to Palestinians some of the very same things that the Nazis did to Jews. Yet Americans don't know much about that. So, that is why we need to see "My Name is Rachel Corrie."

David Stuart

Impeachment is Congress' duty

Frederic Gibbs and Lyn Levin (ADT, Aug. 18) were right in calling on Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against Cheney and Bush. It is the duty of the Congress to do this. Impeachment is not a punishment. It is not vindictive. It is the way Congress can keep the Executive Branch from "seek(ing) to assume the powers of a king" (Lyn Levin). We must keep pressuring Congress to do its duty. Come on, Congress. Show some backbone instead of cowering in fear.

Edith Montgomery

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