Letters to the editor

Babies in the library

Thank you to all who made this summer's Babies in the Library program a success! The Jackson County Library Foundation, through a grant from the Oregon Community Foundation, sponsored the eight-week program held every Friday at Walker School. Many people volunteered their time and donated books to the program. The City of Ashland and the Ashland School District provided funds to open and staff school libraries. Friends of the Ashland Library purchased board books.

The average attendance at each hour-long session was sixteen babies. These active children enjoyed exploring books, participated in rhymes, sang, clapped and danced. A total of thirty-seven different families attended Babies in the Library. Twenty-eight of these families live in Ashland.

The success of the program shows that there are young families in Ashland who will benefit from this and other services that will be restored with the additional funding from Measure 15-79.

Please vote "Yes" on Measure 15-79.

Margie Cicerrella

Thinking in the dark

As Ashland experienced the brief but violent thunderstorm and power outage this past week, I sat in the dark thinking of the very brief power outages that seem to occur throughout the year, perhaps as many as three per month. Digital clocks are reset, the computer goes down and maybe in a few minutes the power is back on. Why? Is there an answer? Charter Cable always has some weak lip service to offer for their lapses. How about our local power station? I've often imagined that Ashland employs a little guy that looks like Moe the Bartender in The Simpsons. As Moe pages through his neuroses, he loses control, grabs for the master breaker. Make them pay, Moe, make them pay!

Alfred Day

Let's outsource our government

First, we didn't have enough money to keep our libraries open. Now, we do, but only at reduced operating hours and only if we replace the former library staff with "outsourced" contract employees. The proposed new library staff would work for an out-of-state contractor, would be non-union, and would not receive health insurance, retirement, and the other "benefits" that add up to a decent living standard.

Before we do that, let's see if there's a corporation somewhere (else) that can take over the entire administration of our county government. Just replace all county employees with whoever is willing to do the job for the lowest wage, and without benefits. And, start with the "administrator" who cooked up this scheme in the first place.

Bruce Barnes

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