Letters to the editor

Siskiyou Singers need men

As the director of several community choirs, including the Siskiyou Singers and the Rogue Valley Peace Choir, I find myself frequently asking, "Where are the men?" Now this is probably a question that a lot of single women in Ashland have been asking for a long time, but I have a feeling that they're asking the question for entirely different reasons than I.

The only part of their anatomy that I'm concerned with is their vocal cords &

especially as they pertain to singing. You see, I think singing in a choir is a great thing, but apparently a lot of guys don't agree with me because there are always less of them than women &

in the case of the Peace Choir, a lot less.

Why is this? Is it because men don't have the background in choral music? If so, then let's examine why not.

Male voices undergo a major change at puberty and so many of them stop singing after elementary school. If they do have an inclination to sing after that, they might find they're behind the girls and don't want to bother with it. They essentially lose their singing voices at this age.

Or is it because they don't have the aesthetic connection with group singing? Maybe the very thing that is so beautiful to me and a few other guys and a whole lot of women simply holds no appeal to them.

Maybe they're off working their lives away and don't find that they've got the time for too much beauty in their lives.

Whatever the reason, we could use a whole lot more men or, as the Marines have successfully campaigned for for years, a "few good men" would be sufficient. If nothing else, it's a great way to meet women.

I encourage you guys to check it out. This stuff sounds better with good men's sections. I think you'll find it fun, enriching, and highly stimulating. And you won't be any less manly for it. You can still watch football, NASCAR or boxing matches on weekends.

Dave Marston

Prevent the attack on Iran

Please stop the U.S.A. from violence against Iran. Iraq has gone badly enough already. The people of the U.S.A. are suffering enough, and the people of the middle east are suffering much more ... innocent people.

Micheline Wessler

Support the library levy

Dear Rumpelstiltskin, Charlotte, Thomas the Tank, Max and all the many wonderful characters in the Ashland Library. I'm voting yes on Measure 15-79 so I can take my two grandsons to the Children's Room any time they visit. The opportunity for them to wander rows and rows of wonderful books as they learn to read and write is priceless and I hope the library will become a special part of their childhood, as it did mine. I'm glad to support longer hours so we can share more time with you, and I hope all the grandparents in Ashland will join me in supporting Ashland's library levy.

On behalf of Casey and Alex who can't yet read, much less vote.

Barbie Breneiser

Vote yes on Measure 15-79

I hope all of Ashland votes yes for the Library Levy, Measure 15-79. This measure is Ashland's best opportunity to provide our community with something close to the library that we love and miss. Thank you to our forward-thinking, proactive city council and mayor for moving quickly to reopen our library. Your ballot should have arrived. Mark it "yes" and mail it in. Or drop it in the ballot box behind the library after Monday, Sept. 10. This election requires a 50 percent turnout and ballots must be returned by Tuesday, Sept. 18.

Edwin Johnson

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