Letters to the editor

Measure 49 is dangerous

One of the most important things our country has to offer is the right of individuals to own property, which was written by our founding into our nation's constitution. So how is it, if property ownership is one of our inalienable rights, that our state can take my property away from me or any other property owner?

Before Measure 37 my property rights were stripped by the government. Now Measure 49 repeals Measure 37 and will again take away all of the rights that we, as voters, already re-approved.

We've voted on this issue too many times. The politicians need to hear us and realize we're serious about the sanctity of property ownership rights. Measure 49 is dangerous.

Doug Forsyth

New library plan is irresponsible

It's great that the Libraries will reopen. But how can you support the statement "responsibly." 24 hours per week? You've got to be kidding.

Isn't it nice that many of the former employees will be granted interviews to be hired? Next on the outsource list for local Jackson County jobs will be India. A great job in keeping our library staff (union) local.

When our libraries are reopened, perhaps all who are outraged at their closing last April will remember not to vote for the current Jackson County Commissioners who knew for seven years that the funding would end.

Having local people lose their jobs and having a new library open for 24 to 40 hours per week is irresponsible of our city and county.

Donald Politis

A nuclear accident awaits

It would be ironic if, while our attention is on the perils of global warming, someone should poison

the earth and ourselves with an exchange of nuclear weapons. It is 18 years since the end of the Cold War, but there are still belligerent nations possessing nuclear weapons, and there is till the danger of accidently triggering them. As one important step in international security, all nations should de-alert


As the Mayors for Peace have stated &

of whom the mayor of Ashland is one &

"Even today .... U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons stand ready to launch on warning. This level of alert today is madness, and stepping down is the quickest, easiest way to prevent an accidental nuclear holocaust."

Ken Deveney

Councilor Jackson got it right

I loved councilor Kate Jacksons' comment on the library issue, "We don't have all the answers to the questions before ... voting". Too bad none of them are inclined to look in a mirror and ask, why is that the case? Had they waited and called only one election, instead of one in September and another in November, we the taxpayers could have saved the cost of an election.

They could have asked voters for the exact amount needed to accomplish what they wanted. Once they determined what it was they wanted, and they would have had two badly needed months to, perhaps, enable them to make a decision.

What a mess! Well, the good news is, it's dedicated funding, meaning they can only spend it on the library and not their favorite, "lawsuit du jour".

Just hold your nose and vote folks. After all, they're here from the city government and they're here to help you.

Jan Craigie

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