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Richardson will pull us out of Iraq

Do we want a candidate to get us completely out of Iraq? None of the top three Democrats have committed to completely withdrawing our troops. All would leave a force of some sort behind. How large a force? For how long? None are very specific. This prolongs the Bush / Cheney fiasco and will continue to inflame the situation.

Bill Richardson would immediately withdraw all troops. Read more at . Check out his resume. He has far more experience than the so called front runners, and it is the kind of experience a president needs to fix the damage caused by this administration and congress.

Marshall Kinkead



Ashland's population, according to the 2000 census is 19,522 with a per capita income of $21,292. I was in Chiloquin, Ore., last week, population 716, per capita income $9,604. Their library was open. Go figure.

Linda Sanders

Resolving the Mt. A dilemma

Local skiers are aware that Mt. Ashland will close this winter on Mondays and Tuesdays because only about half of the daily cost is recovered on those days. The manager chose to close those days in the belief that midweek skiers would prefer that to reduced services or increased prices.

This letter is to encourage skiers who would prefer reduced services &

and possibly increased prices &

to total closure in order to make their opinion known.

Some combination of running only the Windsor and Sonnet lifts and doubling up staff jobs on slow days, and increasing the season ticket prices, especially for seniors, of which I am one, might close the gap. While difficult, a flexible operation in which the area closes on midweek days with no recent snow; runs only two lifts on average days; but all lifts on great snow days, might also work. This kind of flexibility would require decisions the day ahead and public notification via the web site.

The manager, Kim Clark, has indicated to me that while his decision will be difficult to change, enough skiers telling him that they would prefer an old-time community skiing experience two days a week to a closed Squaw Valley operation just might lead him to revisit the matter. He can be reached at 482-2897 x 224 or at kclark@mtashland.com.

This winter is predicted to be cold and wet, which means lots of snow. Let's not waste it. Think of alternatives; write letters; talk to your friends; call Kim.

John Ames


Angry over Facebook fiasco

As the mother of the girl (valedictorian, varsity athlete, dedicated community service person, with high morals and integrity) whose two pictures were taken from Facebook without permission, I am amazed that you would put these photos in with your story when anonymous generic file photos could have been used instead. The pictures make the girls out to be the poster children of youth involved with drugs, alcohol, promiscuous sexual behavior and destruction of property which is totally untrue.

These girls were simply playfully dressing up for a costume party dance, and in the seven years that I have known most of them, I have never seen any of them dress like this or even close to this in regular life. Although your written story had some merit, these photos have become the story &

defaming all of the teens and their families.

I am deeply disappointed at so many awful and untrue allusions made of these bright and gifted, responsible and very moral girls &

including two valedictorians, two salutatorians, other superior academics). The picture of the seven girls was taken in my home and both pictures were meant to be seen only by friends; my daughter has used all of the settings possible to protect her privacy.

I wonder how your reporter got these photos then even if it is "public domain"? I have asked that these photos be removed from the Web site as they have been used totally out of context, that an explanation as to the source and context in the paper be printed, that an apology to these girls be done. Many other teens in our community need real help, I know, as I work with many of them professionally. But, fortunately, these girls aren't the ones that need that kind of help &

to their credit and to their parents. Your use of the photos has only hurt our community, not helped it.

Susanne Fine


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