Letters to the editor

Zionist objects to 'Corrie'

I've been a Zionist since I was 12 years old growing up in Iowa. German anti-Semitism made me a Zionist because Jews in Europe had no place to escape to. Even the United States and Canada turned them away.

I'm very proud of being a Jew. I've very proud of being a Zionist. I'm expecially proud of being an American. Every day I thank God I was born in America. If I'd been born in Romania where my mother came from, I'd have been put to death by the Germans.

In America, one has the right to honor or grieve for Rachel Corrie. In America, Jews have the right to object to a presentation they believe to be a distortion of the facts. That's why some of us, although not all, object to the showing of "My Name is Rachel Corrie". My personal view is that I would prefer that it not be shown, but I would make no objection to it.

Muslim extremists, anti-Semites and some others have made the name "Zionist" a bad word. It is currently popular with some anti-Semites to call Jews today's Nazis.

It saddens me that there are some people in Ashland who can't tolerate Jews who protest, without labeling them in a derogatory sense as Zionists, or agents of the State of Israel, or giving them some other negative appellation.

Peter Alzado, like anyone else, has the righ to present "My Name is Rachel Corrie", but in America, Jews have the right to protest.

Maynard Telpner

Thanks to city for LSSI contract

Thank you, Mayor, Council and especially city staff for doggedly pressing the county and LSSI for contract details so you could pin down the amount required to restore hours and service levels of our library to pre-closure levels. It is comforting to know that if the County keeps up its end of the bargain, you will levy only $.20 per $1,000 assessed property value the first year, and $.25 the second year, if Measure 15-79 passes.

I'm grateful you had the wherewithal to place the measure on the ballot in time to reopen the Ashland Library before too much school time has elapsed. Now, all we need are the voters to do their thing and vote yes. Too impatient to wait for the ballot drop box behind the library to open on Monday, I mailed mine this time.

Pam Vavra


Angry with county, happy with city

I am outraged that the county is outsourcing jobs, reducing hours and sending our tax dollars to Maryland. However, I'm voting yes on the Ashland library levy. Here's why:

The county plan is going ahead regardless of how Ashland votes. Without this levy, we'll have only what the county gives us &

limited hours and reduced services. With the levy, we can restore Ashland's hours, improve levels of service, get more librarians back to work, and give ourselves time to develop a library district in 2008 beyond the reach of county politics. So I'm voting yes on the levy and urging the county commissioners to do a more thorough cost/benefit analysis of outsourcing before signing a contract.

You, too, can contact them or speak up in the public comment period at each meeting. ( or 774-6116 for information.) Time is short &

ballots are due Sept. 18 and the commissioners will decide on the contract Sept. 19. Please support our public libraries by contacting the commissioners and voting yes on Measure 15-79.

Pauline Black


Salute to Mr. Haines

Mr. Lloyd Haines has taken an unsightly, garbage-strewn area &

the only function of which served as the underside of a roadway bordering a parking lot &

and turned it into a place to stroll, relax, and hear the sound of the creek and enjoy a small reclaimed area of beauty that is to be found in Ashland.

For another unauthorized underside-of-roadway project that improved the local neighborhood, and has attained a worldwide reputation see dreamlandskateparks.com/burnside and skateoregon.com/Burnside/Burnside.htm

Yvonne Fried, M.D.

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