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Behind closed doors in

Despite public outcry pleading with the Ashland City Council to hold onto the Mount Ashland Special Use Permit (SUP), two motions failed at the Sept. 4 city council meeting that would have held back a previous resolution on July 18 allowing the City Administrator to negotiate behind closed doors with MAA and the USFS (please view minutes of the Sept. 4 meeting at /agendas.asp). Currently the city administrator is undergoing settlement talks with MAA that include the transfer of the SUP. Most of the documents of these private meetings are not subject to public disclosure; however, members of the public can, and should, request these documents to stay informed of the negotiations before the next city council meeting.

Brenda Jackson

Save Little Hyatt Lake

I have been coming up to Little Hyatt Lake with my dad and uncle since I was old enough to fish. I am now 66 and I still come up here. I set my lawn chair by the lake's edge, throw my line out, prop the pole up and just sit back and listen. I hear the water going over the spillway, the breeze in the trees, the bushes, the birds, the little chipmunks going under my chair.

I don't care if a catch any fish, I just listen to nature. So peaceful. I call this place paradise. It will hurt me very much if they take out the dam. There is no other place like it. I am alone now, except for when I am here with nature. Please, save Little Hyatt Lake.

John Neimoyer

White City

Strongly against 'war' of all kinds

I am strongly advocating the complete extirpation of the word "war" from all references to our current military presence in Iraq.

To refer to the descent into chaos in Iraq as "war," is to swallow the packaging so useful to the White House as cover for Bush's failures, and for silencing the Democrats lest they be painted as disloyal.

Even our incidental use of the "war" word tacitly endorses the "we are at war" suspension of critical thinking. Merely to "concede" the war word is to accept a steeply tilted playing field, where reason has lost its power.

Perhaps by calling our troops a "peace force," "referees," or even a "policing army," we won't get stuck in the false dichotomies of win/lose, or victory/defeat, constantly used by Bush to defeat meaningful discussion. And the success or failure of civil society in Iraq might be more accurately attributed to, and dependent on, the nature of the fragmentation, and tribal hatreds that have been smoldering there for hundreds of years.

Jerry Nutter

Vote 'yes' onMeasure 49

Measure 49 enables Oregon voters to preserve from Measure 37 what they voted for, i.e. the property rights of the little old lady who wanted to build a house on land she owned before Senate Bill 100 prevented her from doing so.

Measure 49 prevents the destruction of the Oregon we know by stopping commercial exploitation of rural lands owned by large corporations. Measure 49 prevents large housing tracts from blighting rural hillsides and valleys. Measure 49 upholds what the voters thought they were getting with Measure 37.

In the coming weeks those who want Oregon to be like California and who want unbridled development in rural Oregon will try to have us believe that all of Measure 37 is being thrown out by Measure 49. It isn't. Measure 49 keeps the best of Measure 37 and throws out the worst.

Brent Thompson

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