Letters to the editor

Planning revision isn't needed

Here are some facts from what I learned from the recent BLM staff presentation about the proposed Western Oregon Plan Revision:


162; Passage of the WOPR by Congress will triple the logging levels in Western Oregon


162; All of the — alternatives proposed by BLM will mean significant extraction of old growth trees


162; The 2.6 million acres under BLM jurisdiction in Western OR will be converted to tree farms with "timber rotation"


162; Restrictions of the Northwest Forest Plan that Oregonians cherish will be removed


162; Protections for wildlife and habitats will be removed


162; Watersheds will be seriously compromised


162; Off -highway vehicles will receive "emphasis areas" in our forests


162; Undergrowth from clear cutting will increase fire danger


162; We are going backwards to the timber wars of the past rather than forward to sustainable forest management


162; BLM misrepresents the OC Act to mean ongoing "tree harvest" &

they forget the word "sustainable" &

and other provisions of the Act for supporting local economies, building recreation areas, enhancing watersheds, ensuring quality of life.

The best news I can glean is that none of the WOPR is necessary &

indeed, it is more than likely to increase warming of our area, increase fire danger, degrade the environment, and impoverish especially our area. For further information and public information meetings about the WOPR contact KS Wild at website

Dorothea Hover-Kramer&

Cave Junction

Kudos toAshland Police

I am always aware of the reassuring police presence here in Ashland, in their white patrol cars and on the Plaza. Recently I had my wallet stolen while visiting a place of business. The owner called the police, thinking that it was very possible that the individual was still in the area. We had a good composite description of who we believed was responsible.

Officer Grey and Sgt. Schuster responded &

and began a search. Within minutes, the suspect was apprehended and acknowledged that he had indeed taken my wallet, extracted the money, and tossed it into the bushes on his way to a bar.

Officer Grey and Sergeant Schuster went way beyond the call of duty, first taking the suspect to the place where he tossed the wallet and then made a tenacious 45-minute search through deep ivy and bushes, where they finally found my wallet (drivers license, credit card, insurance card ... in other words my life) in tact. My relief was palatable, and I was profoundly grateful that they came to my assistance. To a fault they were respectful of my rights as well as those of the suspect.

I would encourage anyone who has had a similar experience with the Ashland Police Department &

who, from my experience, epitomized the meaning of "protect and serve""" to write a letter to the editor. Too often we take for granted these individuals whose mission it is to keep our community safe. And who, when called, are the first responders, ready to place themselves in harm's way. Most of the time they are present on the periphery of our vision. But when needed, their presence becomes extremely important. It certainly was to me.

Judi Honor&


Mobius is an Ashland treasure

The Mobius, on Fourth near A Street, is Ashland's best-kept secret &

the sweetest little music venue between San Francisco and Portland. I was at the recent city planning meeting, frustrated by the time wasted on clerk-mentality issues like asking Mobius' neighbors to sign 10-page contracts to guarantee parking spaces when there is never any lack of them at night. Thankfully, I also sensed the planners "got" what many attendees said so well &

about what a treasure Mobius is.

How lucky Ashlanders are to be able to walk or bike to a hip, well-managed, uncrowded venue that attracts cutting-edge talent that packs the Filmore in San Francisco the same week.

As someone wrote in the online edition, "Like so much of what goes wrong in Ashland, this issue is another of nervous folks lacking backbone or vision relying upon code and not common sense."

May common sense for the common good prevail in this case before yet another enterprising young venture sadly closes its doors. I don't think Mobius should have to wait another month ... they've lost too much money over this non-issue already. Planning folks, please bend one of your precious rules and give Mobius their variance and any other support they need, pronto. And then come to a show to see what we're talking about.

Oriana Spratt

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