Letters to the editor

Kudos to Tidings' stand on 9/11

I applaud and honor the Tidings Editorial Board for your 9/11 editorial, for boldly, unequivocally calling for accountability from our government regarding the many unanswered questions relating to the events of September 11, 2001.

As this is your second outspoken, forthright demand for the truth, I doubly applaud and honor you. I am proud of my hometown newspaper be daring to shout out, and continuing to shout out, "The emperor has no clothes!"

This is exactly what good journalism is about, to speak truth and rouse the public from its apathy. It's time to call for impeachment as well, not for retribution but to save our tattered Constitution.

If these crucially vital issues aren't even raised in Congress, and soon, then electoral politics is a joke &

a sham &

and I won't be participating.

Thanks again for your clear call for truth.

Dot Fisher-Smith.

Let Mt. A expand, for the children

I am an SOU student and I have lived in Ashland for 4 years. My family and I love skiing at our local Mt. Ashland ski area. I personally love the little unique ski area that is close and convenient to us. I have skied at Mt. Ashland ski area many times. I got tired of just skiing at only two available ski lifts. Every time I go to ski, I do the same runs over and over again.

So, I strongly encourage you all to rethink the expansion. It will not only benefit skiers, but it will also help our local businesses during their slow season.

I believe we should continue the process of expanding because it will give the children an excuse to get out of the house and do some exercise, enjoy nature and appreciate the environment around them. More ski lifts and runs will attract more children to the ski area, so it will also help bring more social interaction among children.

Lately, I have been depressed to hear people are speaking out against the ski expansion. Without your help and support, Mt. Ashland can't continue. You have to understand that. If Mt. Ashland doesn't expand, the ski area won't make enough money to continue in business. Therefore we will no longer have the luxury of the ski area close by us. Are you willing to lose a convenient ski area that brings us many joys and great memories to our children?

Dana Baker

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