Letters to the Editor

A new agenda for the United States

Welcome to the magic and beauty of a Capitalism without conscience or control! Cheers to the sacred power of the market. Honor a code next to God: Ends justify means, anything is OK if you don't get caught.

Keep the minimum wage low and the border open enough to allow millions of undocumented aliens to fill low pay jobs. Let the non-humans do the dirty backbreaking work and then resent their presence and love Mexican food.

Watch the employers plead and squirm as to few workers are available to pick crops and build houses.

Businesses, manufacturers and retailers buy everything they can from China. Orders are placed with one requirement, lowest cost. Leave specifications loose and don't inspect the product. So there is lead in toys, plastic in toothpaste and tires fail, sorry!

We can love Wal-Mart prices AND be outraged.

We are the investors in our system and we love cheap products while going into deep debt and cry our eyes out when jobs and houses are lost. To suggest the idea of living wages for every job, decent housing, top education, and health care for everyone is considered by some a threat to our security.

What do you think?

Clair Killen

They can pay for their own 'therapy'

My stockbroker in Beverly Hills asks, "How can a city that has such great cultural/arts offerings and routinely makes the 'best places to live' lists have such a dysfunctional government?"

He suggests, in keeping with their maturity, that council members settle their differences with a paintball gun fight in the park. Individuals or teams can pick colors to match their moods or ideologies and wear bathing or birthday suits as desired. We can sell admission/raffle tickets with matching colors (and one for "a pox on all their houses") so people can support their favorites.

Richard Hansen and like-minded merchants can donate prizes. Proceeds could go into the city's bare coffers. It would cast the council squabbles as the expensive circuses they are.

My suggestion is for the troublemakers to use their city health insurance to get psychiatric care instead of imposing additional costs on the taxpayers.

David Churchman

Council has to want to heal

There has been much discussion in Ashland regarding the City Council using a counselor to help them with various issues.

For many years, an organization located in Medford provided free but well-trained facilitators for non-profit boards in Jackson County and four surrounding counties to do exactly that. The issues that were addressed included working as a team, setting goals or conducting strategic planning, as well as helping board members understand who they were and why they were there.

Finally, considerable attention was given to the techniques of utilizing parliamentary procedures to facilitate efficient communication and board action. Hundreds of boards took advantage of this service, including college Boards of Trustees, church groups, and large and small public service agencies.

Initially, about 10 community leaders agreed to participate in an intense "Training the Trainers" session conducted by management and organizational specialists from Oregon State University. Later, these individuals trained several dozen facilitators throughout Southern Oregon who proceeded to work successfully with hundreds of boards in one or two day sessions. The sessions were frequently cathartic, sometimes accompanied by crying and hugging but usually finding a new spirit that wasn't there before. However, the key to success was the readiness of the board members to participate in such a session, which was determined by an initial questionnaire and interview. If even one board member was "too busy" to participate in this intake process, the workshop was cancelled.

It is possible for board members to learn to grow and develop in their work. However, success depends on the board members themselves.

Stewart F. McCollom

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