Letters to the editor

Vote yes on Measure 49

Do you oppose 31, 000 acres of subdivisions suddenly eating up Jackson County's farmlands: a 297 acre aggregate mine straddling the Applegate River: large-scale development in the Ashland hills: 1,217 Jackson County acres of sensitive wildlife habitat and wetlands inappropriately developed? If so, please vote yes on Measure 49.

Measure 49 will reverse Oregon's bleak future created by Measure 37 while restoring the will of Oregon voters, allowing families to build a few homes on their property if zoning allowed when it was purchased; not unplanned subdivisions, industrial and commercial development throughout our communities, farmlands, and forests.

Big timber companies and developers, including one with 131 claims for housing development on 108,000 acres of forest land, have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat Measure 49.

Big donors are funding a media campaign designed to confuse voters, similar to the 2004 Measure 37 campaign.

Please don't let big money buy Oregon's future. Vote yes on Measure 49 to halt the insanity of 750,000 acres of Measure 37 claims already; to bring large development such as aggregate mines, malls and subdivisions back through existing development planning, to simplify building processes for individuals and families, and to protect Oregon's future.

J. Hurley


Tribune's support of 49 isn't surprising

BrainstormNW, a monthly publication, is quoted as saying Measure 49, perhaps the biggest threat to our property values in Oregon history, may well be the most dishonest ballot measure ever perpetrated on Oregon voters &

and we'll have no one but a complicit press, power-grabbing bureaucrats and ourselves to blame. So by this standard, the Tribune's endorsement of 49 is supporting one of the most dishonest ballot measures in Oregon History. Why doesn't that surprise me about the Tribune?

Don Rist


Measure 49 is good for us all

Measure 49 would preserve farm and forest land closer to its current levels, ruling out huge subdivisions on private farmland and commercial timberland all over the state. The small property owners would have the right to put one or up to 10 houses on their land, which is what the average voter thought was the issue when Measure 37 was voted in. .

Contrary to what property rights advocates would have you believe, there have never been unbridled property rights in this country. There has always been a balance between personal property rights and the needs and values of the community at large. Our current land resource base has been so whittled down from what it was 50 years ago that the huge development interests have targeted much of what is left under the guise of defending personal property rights.

I very much agree to the correction of Measure 37's excesses by yes on 49, which still protects the little guy.

Susan A. Hunt

Vote for youth activities levy

I'm writing to encourage voters to support the Youth Activities and Academics Levy, Measure 15-80. Much of the richness, variety, and creativity in my 15 yr. old son's public school experience has been provided by the current and past levies. The theater and music programs in which he excels would not have been available without this additional money. Please join me in keeping our schools vibrant places of learning.

Ann Bass

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