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Measure 49's dirty secrets

Gee, aren't we southern Oregonian's lucky to have Mr. Brent Thompson tell us 62 percent who voted for Measure 37 didn't understand what we thought we were voting for? I have never known someone so brilliant who could read the mind of the masses and explain their thinking.

Well Mr. Thompson, you are wrong. People knew what they were voting for and don't need you to tell us. What you haven't told the people is that if Measure 49 passes, over 1,147,000 acres, or roughly 59 percent of private property in Jackson and Josephine counties would not be able to have a house on them because they are in the viticultural area. This is one of the dirty little secrets of Measure 49 that you and others don't want the public to know.

You stick to taking care of your 16 to 17 properties in Ashland and leave the rural folks alone.

Don Rist

Settle on Measures 37, 49

Just pay the landowners who have suffered financial loss for losing their rights to their own property. The State not having money is not an acceptable excuse for taking from private property owners without fair compensation.

If the public wants the use of someone's land they must pay for it. If they can't afford it, they can't have it. The "Love Oregon, Save the farm" aspect is misleading. The farm doesn't belong to Oregon or the general public. It is private property and that property owner needs his rights protected. His rights are equal to yours.

The stealing of private rights for public use reminds me of Nazi Germany. It saddens me to remember the many soldiers I personally saw die on the beaches and in the foxholes on foreign land for our freedom and property rights. This "taking" mentality does not belong in our great country. My life won't change whether Measure 49 passes or not. I'm 83 years old and retired. I don't need the money. I am, however, very concerned for the freedoms of future generations.

Measure 49 has caused lifetime friends and neighbors to be on opposite sides of this conflict because the neighbor who suffered loss has a rightful claim. The neighbor without a claim has suffered no loss and shouldn't want to take away his neighbor's rights and freedom.

It's just wrong! I urge you to vote no on 49.

Bob Hemstreet


Ashland's 'good

ol' boys'

Does anybody wonder why I have moved from Ashland to Medford to Rogue River and might just move either further north or west? Between the people of Gold Hill, Phoenix and now Ashland, I am pretty fed up! Too many ex Californicators around for some reason. Gee, do you think it was because some of you saw some "QUICK MONEY " in your future and blew the rest of us off?

Same old story, "fujack &

I got MINE" huh? No way should you people pay for a 40K shrink/advisor to figure out what is wrong with your city council.

The problem is with you.!

Start electing old-fashioned people who care about the communities around this wonderful valley instead of the political or real estate moguls who currently run this valley. Ask yourselves whom the "GOOD OLD BOY'S" really represent, and then do the same thing when you vote. Every time please!

John Craig

Rogue River

Ashland too spendy for some

Millions for remodeling/replacing schools in the midst of a declining student population; a new fire station complete with a museum; a new library addition with no funds to sustain operations; $37,000 for city council counseling; another youth levy to finance parental educational responsibilities; and now the possibility of a gas tax to support road repair projects has been thrown into the mix!

Our future home on the Oregon coast, assessed at approximately the same value as our Ashland home, is taxed at about half our rate here. See ya!

A soon-to-be ex Ashland cash cow home owner.

Ellison Glattly

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