Letters to the editor


OSW performance

I am writing this letter to encourage people to attend the one woman show at the Oregon Stage Works. Helena De Crespo is an amazing actress. The play is written exquisitely and she offers a mesmerizing performance. It is playing through Oct. 31. This is one of the best theater productions I've seen.

Barbara Blaszak

Thanks to AFR rescuers

I would like to share my appreciation for the kind of people at the Jackson County Search and Rescue team and the unselfish time they give to our community. I know that we hear more about you when you're called out for a search, but I wonder if people are aware of the time that you put into specialty training that allows you to be most effective in some of the worst types of weather conditions. There is an undying commitment on your part to bring us back to our families safely.

I hope that I am ever mindful to let people know where I am going and when to expect my return. If for some unforeseen reason, I do not make it back as scheduled I feel confident that you will do everything in your power to locate me. Again, let me thank you in advance and that I look forward to seeing your smiling and comforting faces at the end of the trail.

Thank you Jackson County Search and Rescue.

Russ Manzone

Mayor should seek easy answers

Mayor Morrison's Tiding's editorial reflected much intelligence and thoughtfulness, but I disagree with one thing he said. 'We know there is no easy answer.' That is untrue. Often, there are easy answers; perhaps, they are overlooked. The belief that there are no easy answers seems to be what has governed our city. The beefing up of our police and increase of Tasers to our police force seems metaphorical of that belief. Answers don't have to be hard to be valid. We certainly should be open to easy answers.

Patti Morey

Let former chief Bianca rest

I like to think that our hometown newspaper has a heart. But then I wondered as I read yet again a front page story of the travails of our Ashland Police Department, and of our friend, Mike Bianca, in particular. It is time to put this story to rest. Mike contributed so many years toward making our community a safe and compassionate place to live. He and his family deserve our praise and gratitude for his years of service.

Mildred and Paul Buck

Council should pay, not taxpayers

I am so critical of the idea of therapy for the city council, and staggered at the expectation that the taxpayers should pay. If counselors are incapable of acting like grown-ups, they should step down. At a minimum, they should be placed on probation, pending adult behavior, and forced to pay for their own counseling.

The taxpayers have a strong implied right to a minimal level of functionality. In the absence of such, one or more persons should be asked to leave. People of Ashland, do not let this foolishness proceed. Do not allow yourselves to be made fools.

Jerry Nutter

Green's tone doesn't match Christ's

Perhaps preacher Mike Green (Oct. 12, From the Right Side column, "Jesus is cheaper than science") could tell us what Christ's reported teachings on marriage actually are (chapter and verse, please) rather than positing vague intimations. But on second thought, I'd prefer to hear a sermon at the church of my choice and leave this space open for letters to the editor from community folks. Green's sarcastic and bullying tone hardly resonate with the qualities I imagine Jesus exemplified.

Paula Sohl

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