Letters to the Editor

Measure 49 settles debacle

Nearly 600 Measure 37 claims representing 60,000 acres have already been filed in Jackson County alone. This means unexpected subdivisions and commercial and industrial development among communities, neighborhoods, farmlands and forests, where we assumed land use laws would protect us. If we are to protect the quality of life we have grown to expect in Oregon from visionary land planning that valued forest lands and farm lands and gave us all assurance that unlimited development, i.e. mines, malls or large subdivisions, would not be allowed next door, it is imperative that Measure 49 passes.

Measure 49 also protects the property rights of individuals, which was what Measure 37 promised but did not deliver, by immediately allowing individual landowners up to — houses on property if the law allowed it when they bought their land, and passes those rights on to surviving spouses or someone who buys from the current owner, which Measure 37 did not do.

Please vote for Measure 49 to fix the debacle and abuse left to taxpayers from Measure 37: billions of dollars in compensation demands or the huge cost of infrastructure for sprawling development and the loss of resources and zoning protection for present and future generations.

Gaylene Hurley


Oregon has already voted

The United States of America is a place where anyone can vote, regardless of race, sex, or income level. Many people in the world are not so lucky but some politicians in our Oregon State Government don't seem to think that you and I are smart enough to understand what we vote for. In fact, they sent Measure 49 to the Voters because they think we were confused when we voted in support of property rights the first two times.

It is time to remind these politicians in Salem who sent them there. Let them know that we're not confused and we're tired of having our voices ignored! This November, remember to vote "NO" on Measure 49 and ask all your friends and neighbors to do the same. We the people know what we want and we have already spoken twice.

Teresa McCants

A plan for peace in Iraq

Rabbi Michael Lerner and the Network of Spiritual Progressives have issued a very thoughtful and intelligent plan for Peace in Iraq.

First, they propose that the U.S. go before the U.N. and admit that we were wrong to invade Iraq and apologize for the suffering that we have caused to the Iraqi people.

Second, that we replace the U.S. and British forces with an international Peacekeeping force acceptable to the Iraqi people.

Third, that we launch a global Marshall plan to rebuild Iraq.

Please call our representatives and urge them to seek creative solutions which involve the international community. Our unilateral action created this mess, and we can only make it worse by imposing our own solutions.

It is shocking that the Bush Administration is now seriously considering attacking Iran. How many more thousands of innocent people do we need to kill?

Avram Sacks

Redundancy on our ballots

Has the legislature forgotten whom they represent? Have they lost sight of whom they actually work for? It seems to me that they have forgotten that it's Oregonians they represent. In fact it's the same Oregonians that have twice voted to protect property rights in this state.

I am sick and tired of being asked to vote on an issue in this state, only to watch the legislature disregard the will of the voters. Measure 37 passed by more than 61 percent margin in 2004, winning in every county in the state but 1. 61 percent &

that's not even a close margin, it's a HUGE MAJORITY!

Soon Oregonians will be asked to vote for a third time, simply to protect property rights. How many times must Oregon's voters clearly declare the same message before the legislature follows through? I thought twice was ridiculous but three times &

the legislature has gone too far. I will be voting against the proposal to kill Measure 37 in November and I hope that all my friends and neighbors do the same by voting No on Measure 49.

Kimberly Smith

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