Letters to the editor

3 things about Measure 49

These three things may help with deciding how to vote on Measure 49:

1) If you have a Measure 37 claim submitted already, you might make a huge pile of money if 49 does not pass.

2) At least everywhere you see a "Stop 49" sign, there will be a large development that is incompatible with surrounding land uses and that could impact you, your business, your commute, and the Oregon you know and love.

3) If you do not have a 37 claim, your losses will parallel the windfalls of the 37 developers through your additional taxes for infrastructure required to support 37 build-out, to say nothing of the effect of random and haphazard overgrowth among the assets of the rest of the state's citizens. Let's all follow the long established land use guidelines that have kept Oregon productive and lovely so far.

Thank you for voting yes on 49.

John M. Wood

Hood River

Who is voting against 49 and 50?

This may seem like a bit of a cop-out, but one way to vote on measures that you don't completely understand is to see how people or groups you like vote. Sometimes there is a problem, because people you like are on both sides, but not in the case of measures 37 and 49.

For example, on Measure 49, which tries to clean up Measure 37 on land use, governors Vic Atiyeh, Barbara Roberts, John Kitzhaber and Ted Kulongoski all say vote yes. Also the League of Women Voters, the Oregon Farm Bureau and the Nature Conservancy, along with several other well-known groups, say vote yes

Opposition to Measure 49 comes almost completely from obscure and unknown individuals and groups, largely financed by out of state interests

Measure 50's health care proposal is supported by numerous health care and senior groups, Governor Kulongoski, the Oregon Business Association, the Urban League of Portland, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Providence and many others, all of which say vote yes

The leading opponent of Measure 50 is the tobacco industry, which has poured millions of dollars into Oregon to defeat it. As with Measure 49, the opponents of Measure 50 are obscure and unknown.

Harry L. Cook

Stand up for what's right

Respect the U.S. Constitution. Say no to secret police with powers to override the constitution! Support the "FISA Modernization Bill of 2007." And shame on you for allowing the current administration to destroy the country that your children will have to live in. Stand up for what is right. No matter what you do, they will "spin" it to suit themselves, so you may as well do what is right.

Marnia Robinson

Say yes to youth activities levy

I am writing in support in of the Youth Activities and Academics Levy (Measure 15-80). The YAAL is essentially a renewal of a proven success story. I invite everyone to ask any family who goes through the agonizing process of a zone transfer into our school district or who has had to move from a neighboring town (because of school choice), why bother. The answers will point to the various positive aspects of our district's offerings. Please join me in continuing our districts' success story.

Greg Williams

Loss of bus route hurts community

There is a problem in this Valley that isn't receiving much attention. Because of budget cuts, RVTD has eliminated a few routes, including the bus to Rogue Valley Medical Center. Not only did this route provide the only transportation to the hospital available to many lower income residents, but it was the only transportation to the many doctors, therapists, and diagnostic and treatment centers that are located near the hospital.

There are local agencies that provide transport to medical appointments. There's Valley Lift (don't qualify if you are ambulatory), Trans Link (must have OHP plus to qualify), RVMC Transport (overwhelmed with ride requests), RSVP's Call-a-Ride (huge waiting list &

they need volunteer drivers!), Senior Services (must be over 60), and New Alternative Transportation Services (must be developmentally disabled to qualify). The only other alternative for those who don't qualify for these is an expensive taxi ride.

RVTD exists to serve the community. But this route was eliminated because it had the lowest numbers of riders. This decision was made with profit in mind, not the public good.

Carole Davis

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