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Must see 'Little Shop of Horrors'

For a delightful evening of musical comedy, don't miss "Little Shop of Horrors" at AHS. These talented thespians will have you laughing, and the monster plant (Audrey) will amaze you. Don't miss this sparkling production.

Jean and Bob Scott

Bush support is warning sign

In your Oct. 4 article, "D.C. funds Mt. Ashland expansion," you wrote that the appeals court halted the Mt. Ashland expansion. And that now President Bush is considering funding studies that could allow the expansion to continue.

That Bush is coddling the Mt. Ashland expansion is a warning sign. When our corrupt president favors something, it's almost always harmful to the common good &

and I don't think the expansion is an exception.

What a slap in the face to Americans, President Bush.

Thousands of hungry and homeless people in the streets; millions of citizens without health insurance &

and you want to invest in fancier ski toys for people who are already rich enough to regularly indulge in this sport.

If Bush doesn't fund those studies, the forest service might use some of our fire protection funds to fund them. Should our fire safety be compromised for new ski runs?

Ambuja Rosen

Financial conundrum

Is there life after debt? That is the age-old question &

since the dawn of humankind, since those blasted Sumerians started forming business transactions on stone tablets for time and eternity. Now, our whole nation is wondering about life after debt.

(Where are the profits when you need them?)

It seems just being alive has been the debt of us. One foot in the grave and the other on floating paper. Great. No wonder everybody's moaning in the land of the living debt. What a strange form of existence, where our debt is become the most valuable thing about our life!

Is there life after debt? That's the gazillion-dollar question. Many say we should live for life after debt and be prepared to face a big judgement, and embrace debt as a happy joyous occasion. Others say life itself is the karmic result of debt &

many, many debts. And what we should really aspire to is a liberation from ever having to be alive, again.

And, some say there's no such thing as life after debt, but that we embark toward debt from the very moment we are born. Is there life after debt? Does an answer exist? Do you think there could be an answer in Chinese?

Patti Morey

Thanks to the Daily Tidings

The response to the Looza Bottle Project featured in the Tidings' Etcetera section Oct. 27 has been great. Thanks to Vicki Aldous and the Tidings for getting the word out on this art installation project and my desire for help to complete it. Anyone who wishes to contact me about participating in the project can reach me through my Web site at .

Margaret Garrington

The military isdischarging gays

I saw an article that the government was going to recuit people who had former minor criminal back grounds. Now I do not know a great deal about this, but on the other hand, they are discharging lesbians and gay men when they find out about them.

A registered nurse, who has been in the service for 18 years and has the rank of a major, was discharged two years before she would retire because they found out she had been living with a woman for many years, and not on the base. Her commander could not believe they would do this. This is our government.

Penny Beck

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