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Invest in

Ashland's kids

I wholeheartedly support the Ashland School District Levy that is on the upcoming November ballot, not just for the usual reasons that we're 'investing' in our kids but because we are also investing in the future economic strength of our community. For Ashland's economy to grow and diversify we need creative, productive people to lead and work in our new businesses. These people often have children and their kids' education is a high priority. Unless our schools are top notch, they won't move here or keep living here - and our economy will suffer.

Ashland needs to decide where it wants to go and what it wants to be as a community. The linkage between schools and the economy is critical, as is the linkage with the university. If we commit to a commonly shared direction &

which I believe must be built around becoming a model sustainable city &

we will attract and retain more families with school age children and school enrollment and income will begin to rise again.

As this community has done at pivotal moments in the past, we must set a clear direction to focus and energize our future. Maintaining a strong school system is an essential part of that process.

John Stromberg

Where is OSW'saudience?

Jacques Brel is alive and well in Ashland, but where is the audience? We drove from McMinnville recently particularly to see this production at the Oregon Stage Works and were appalled at the small audience for a truly stunning evening of wonderful music performed by exquisite actor/singers and musicians.

Understandably, the festival overshadows other area theatre offerings, but locals in the Ashland and Medford areas are fortunate to have opportunities to experience excellent work by talented performers in productions outside of the Festival's more opulent productions. "Jacques" is a case in point. Tightly choreographed, the four singer/actors command rapt attention within a minimal setting. The period slides used as a backdrop added to the poignancy of the lyrics, but the voices and expressions alone convey meaning that touches both hearts and, sometimes, funny bones.

Happily there was a fine review in the weekend edition of your paper and hopefully this wonderful show will have the audience it so richly deserves for its remaining performances. Kudos and appreciation to your "home town" performers, Erik Connelly, Joelle and Roger Graves, Tamara Marston, Laurie Anne Hunter and Bryan Jeffs.

Sharon Morgan


Long-time supporter of levy

I am 91 years old and proud to call myself a life-long Republican. I write to urge everyone to support the Youth Activities and Academic Levy, Measure 15-80. It seems to me that this levy has changed in small and large ways over the years. The constant is its success record. All one has to do is take a look around this town to see that. Trust me on this one, these children are your future. Please say yes to the YAAL.

Josephine Valyo

Ashland should vote 'yes' on YAAL

The YAAL is a fair replacement for the YAL. Lower taxes AND lots of options for extra-curricular programs AND local funding for core academics? I'm voting yes on Measure 15-80. Please join me.

Marylee Oddo

Oregon lovers vote for Measure 49

Whoa, there he is again on the editorial page of the Daily Tidings: Jon Hemstreet, from Sheridan, attacking Measure 49. That makes at least three times his letters have shown up there. Who is this guy, and what's he doing in our newspaper? Does anyone else find it strange that our hometown paper, here in liberal Ashland, in Jackson County, keeps running letters from the same right-winger in Yamhill County? Should we infer that the editors are using him as a surrogate to express their own views? As a supporter of Measure 49, I find this outrageous. In the good old days, the Tidings presented a balanced view that reflected the opinions of people in the community. Too bad those days are gone.

Anyone interested in hearing the other side of the issue can check out . If you love Oregon, vote yes on Measure 49.

John Javna

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