Letters to the editor

Green is right about Christmas

I am writing to express my appreciation and support for the courageous and thought-provoking commentaries that Mike Green offers us. He dares to prod the sleepwalkers, those who are more invested in defending their superstitions than in discovering truth.

Our culture of hypocrisy and denial is in great need of people like Mike, willing to speak his truth even if it draws the wrath of fundamentalist ideologues. His perspectives are insightful, challenging, verifiably accurate, and probably upsetting to many who want to stay asleep in their fantasies.

I especially appreciate Mike's call-out of the obscene travesty that has become Christmas. It is a commercial feeding-frenzy that has distorted a once-meaningful ritual into a frantic, guilt-ridden consumer nightmare. Christmas is now distorted into a massive corporate marketing scheme. We need to step away from this machine!

So, thank you Mike, for calling things as you see them, and having the courage to take the hits that may surely come your way. I hope you find a reservior of support in this community to keep on putting your views out there.

David Wolske

Abstinence letter assumes too much

In her letter, Erin Wolford-Keller claims that abstinence-only education is the cause of a recent jump of — percent in the teen birthrate. She simply states that one caused the other without providing any proof. I could just as readily claim that the war in Iraq caused the increased birthrate. Furthermore, she neglects to mention that the birthrate also went up for women in their 20s, 30s and even 40s. Inquiring minds want to know how abstinence-only education has driven 30-year-olds to have more children?

Note that the federal government spends six times as much on education which emphasizes birth control than on abstinence education.

In addition, Ms. Wolford-Keller calls for comprehensive sex education in our schools. "Comprehensive" means that it should cover everything, right? Good, because teens need to see accurate pictures of babies in the womb. Prenatal pictures help teens realize that sex may lead to the creation of an innocent human being whose life hangs in the balance. Videos of preborn infants as they move around in the womb should help act as a deterrent to premarital sex. Let's make "comprehensive" mean comprehensive by showing students the whole truth.

Kathy Watson Medford

Historical Society offers thanks

I wish to express gratitude to all those who via e-mails, telephone calls and personal greetings, have stood up this week to support the Southern Oregon Historical Society in light of the county's unwillingness to reimburse SOHS for the $250,000 per year we raise privately to manage, maintain and preserve county-owned buildings, and who support our long range plan to create a Rogue Valley Heritage District in the November 2008 election.

If you wish to lend your support for operating revenues for SOHS, send a contribution to SOHS, P.O. Box 1570, Jacksonville, OR 97530. Our budget this year is just over $600,000; we raise every dollar of that ourselves, and need your support.

If you wish to support the heritage district campaign, send a check made out to "Our Heritage PAC," 2 North Oakdale, Medford, OR 97501. This is the key to the long-range funding dilemma for SOHS and the dozen-plus other historical societies in the county.

Our goal is to become completely independent of county funding. Just as the county's transition from its OC funds addiction has been painful, so is ours, but we are making the tough decisions required of us. It is a cultural shift for our organization, and a multi-year project. We remain committed to continuing the important preservation and heritage work for generations of future Southern Oregonians.

John Enders Executive Director Southern Oregon Historical Society

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