Letters to the editor

Gordon family says thanks

As difficult as it is to know what to say to someone who is experiencing the tragedy of losing a son much too soon, and the joy of having another son who is alive and well, it may be equally difficult to know how to say "Thank-you" to our family, friends and communities.

The outpouring of kind words and deeds was truly a reflection our communities. We feel blessed. There are so many people who opened their hearts, their prayer books, their cookbooks, and their checkbooks to help us during this time of crisis. We would like to thank everyone individually but that may be difficult and we apologize if we have forgotten anyone.

Thank you to everyone who sent flowers, cards, letters, and signed the guestbook online. We found your words, and the flowers we received, comforting and beautiful and they were much loved and appreciated. People prayed for us, not only in Ashland, but all over the United States and even Japan. Thank-you for your prayers.

We wish to say thank you to White City and Eagle Point Fire Depts. and Mercy Flights personnel for saving Max's life. Thank you to the Rogue Valley Medical Center for staffing your hospital with great personnel, especially the ICU nurses. Thank you for all of the care you gave our son for 7 days.

Every night, around 5 p.m., the doorbell would ring with someone bringing a wonderful dinner. Thank you to the friends and neighbors who brought delicious foods that we enjoyed. Sincere thanks to Ashland High School students, faculty, staff, teacher, and coaches, they were all here for us.

The Web site was a great idea and kept our friends and family informed of Max's' recovery and set up a family fund for people who wished to donate. We didn't see the Web site until the morning we left the hospital and we were amazed at what you accomplished in nine days.We can't thank-you enough.

Thank you to Nick's friends for coming by and helping us to honor his memory and life. He would have liked our "get together."

And last, but not least, our thanks to our employers and co-workers at Pacific Power, Ashland High School, Shop N Kart and Blackstone Audio, for all of their help and understanding, and wanting what is best for our family.

If a family is somehow judged by how many friends they have, we're proud to be the Gordons and simply blessed to have so many good friends. We feel the love you are sending our way.


The Gordon family

Saddened by Rite-Aid post office closure

It will be a sad day for the community when the Post Office Annex at Rite-Aid closes its doors. Because of the loss of convenience in finding a parking place? Or being able to pick up a basket to load your mail &

making it easier to stand in long lines? To also shop?

Thems small potatoes.

No, the deep loss will be the gracious Rite-Aid personnel who have serviced us through the years: always kind, patient, cheerful, willing to go the extra mile to help you &

sometimes to assist in repackaging an item they know will be rejected, when not busy even removing the extra lines of paper in your stamps so they'll fold, and other countless not so random acts of kindness.

For some reason since time out of mind they have had inferior meter-paper and almost every metered stamp had to be scotch-taped. This extra unfair burden they accepted as graciously as everything else that came their way. We pray these excellent employees (all the way back) have or will find splendid opportunities beyond their present scope &

they deserve it.

Jeanne Marie Peters

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