Letters to the editor

Wildlife traps cause great pain

I read the article in your newspaper about dogs getting caught on traps set up for wildlife. It was a pointless article.

It's horrific to find your beloved pet dead or injured after struggling for freedom from a trap. It is more horrific to know that humans set those traps to kill wildlife and no one cares that these animals died with as much pain as a beloved pet. And yet we wonder why is there so much meanness in this pathetic world.

I bet someone will have a dissertation justifying using traps.

Lizzie I. Colon

Johnson City

Tearing down Hostler dam has many benefits

It's cold, the mid-winter winds have died down. This is a good time to throw some fuel on our city council fire. I've only got one wooden match, but here goes:

Connect the Talent-Ashland-Phoenix water line so we can tear down Hostler dam.

I repeat: Connect the TAP line so we can tear down Hostler dam.

Everyone else is tearing down their dams, why don't we tear ours down? Tearing down Hostler dam would restore natural flows for salmon in Bear Creek. Connecting to the TAP line would improve the quality of our drinking water, eliminating the dead algae I drank last summer (Yuck!)

Tearing down Hostler dam would mean we could sell off our Tsunami warning signs as souvenirs since it would mean reducing, if not eliminating, the catastrophic flood hazard in the Plaza. Tearing down Hostler dam could open the city-owned watershed to new hiking and biking trails, allowing the public into these woods for the first time in years.

Tearing down Hostler dam could open the way for more aggressive fire prevention techniques. Imagine commercial thinning, the profits used to pay down the Ashland Fiber Network debt. Without the watershed, there would be no objections to expanding Mt. Ashland. Imagine selling some of the acreage for trophy woodland homes, increasing local tax revenue to provide city workers with a living wage.

The best reason to tear down Hostler dam is one I'm sure you can all agree with: On the Fourth of July I want to blow something up! Have fun, city council!

Terry Miner

Obama is solid choice as president

To dream a dream is one thing, but to live it is entirely another. But for Senator Barrack Obama, it's just another day at the office. A graduate from Harvard Law School, Senator Obama now tries his luck at winning the presidency. In doing so, he focuses on education, health care, and ending the Iraq war.

Obama says, "We need to identify the reforms that have the highest achievements in schools, fund them adequately, and eliminate the programs that don't produce results."

He also says that pairing up teacher recruits with mentor teachers, and giving proven teachers more control over what goes on in the classes will improve student academic achievement. He believes that there is no reason not to pay teachers what they are worth.

Secondly, the Senator states: "What we need is a single payer national health care plan similar to the ones found in Europe and Canada."

While noting that there will be problems, Obama is willing to be a leader in healthcare reform and believes that no American should be without health insurance.

Most importantly, Obama wants to negotiate with the Iraqi people rather than taking any more innocent lives. By the end of 2007, more than 16,000 of our own soldiers have been wounded and killed. Sixty four percent of all Americans have concluded that we should step aside and mind our own business. Obama will lead our troops in a safe return home.

Senator Barrack Obama sees America as all Americans should, as a place to succeed and to have one's voice clearly heard. He is determined that there is always room for change. Let's give Senator Obama our voice and our vote.

Zeke Linsday

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