Letters to the editor

Obama shows leadership

Senator Obama shows genuine creative leadership in his freedom to acknowledge Ronald Reagan's contribution. This is "thinking outside the box" all the candidates need to emulate. Senator Joe Lieberman showed it four years ago and it cost him, but he remains undauntedly a "profile in courage," campaigning for John McCain. America's worst political pathology may well be the kneejerk party stereotyping anchored deep down in egregious self-interest, whether it be that of plutocrats or of self-styled populists (equals what favors my nest). Let us unite, fellow citizens, to uphold and enhance the unique achievement we mutually have in this now threatened democratic republic.

Andrew Foster

Thanks from Pacific Power

Wintry storms like the ones that socked Southern Oregon this January worry utilities because they worry our customers. We start with the proposition that we want to keep power on 100 percent of the time. You know and we know that Mother Nature can sometimes rip that proposition to shreds. We also know that our customers throughout Jackson and Josephine counties are resourceful, but the outages caused by this string of storms were unusual in scope and persistence.

We especially want to acknowledge the patience of our customers who understood that Pacific Power crews were hard at work to bring the lights back on. This patience was exceptional as the area experienced multiple power outages over several days and was blanketed with snow. The hardest hit communities were in rural Jackson County, which, especially at the higher elevations, presented a challenge to restore service.

I'd like to thank the many residents in Butte Falls and Prospect especially for their patience. Weather aside, outage restoration was a task that took several days due to the number of trees down, impeding our ability to reach damaged facilities. Customers did their part, in many cases working to clear roads themselves, speeding our crew's restoration efforts.

Our primary goal in an outage of this size is to restore power as quickly as is safely possible. We work year round on maintenance and projects to increase reliability. Still, some exceptionally powerful storms will temporarily outstrip even our best efforts. But it's our job to keep the lights on and at Pacific Power, we are proud to serve you and thank you for the privilege and partnership.

Pat Reiten

President, Pacific Power

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