Letters to the editor

Why do we destroy our environment?

Does anyone remember when Admiral Zimbalist checked with the finest Scientists available to him, before he gave the order that Agent Orange could be used in the Vietnam War? He was told it would destroy only the foliage, not hurt any living being!

His son swam in the waters where this had been used and died of the results of Agent Orange. They wrote a book, "My Father, My Son!" Thousands were ill from this and died! Enough said!

What right do we have to destroy animals, and also in doing so, many insects, birds, and upset the ecological balance of nature? What has our government become?

Penny Beck

Homosapien is the only race

Your sub-headline on Jan. 21, "Efforts made to attract different races, cultures progressing" shows the ignorance of so many publications and those who manage them. It also shows that our leaders are also ignorant. This country promotes "racism" by separating people who look different into "races" There is only one race. Homosapiens. Period. We all came from the same place in time and we are all related. When we divide human beings into categories we can then compare them with regard to intelligence, and many other categories. We are all basically the same. The definition of race is a species sharing the same genetic makeup and can reproduce among themselves. Homosapiens all share the genome. When will we learn to speak in terms of the ethnicity or culture, etc?

Race is an illusion perpetuated by some who mean well and by others that don't.

Dr. Budd Gottlieb

Time to protect the constitution

There has never been a time when the need for the protection of the constitution and democracy in America was more crucial. Bit by bit the Cheney / Bush administration has whittled away every protection the constitution has given to the people. Clearly they are not motivated by serving the highest good or for government by the people and for the people. The lies, manipulations, threats and outright crimes against the people must be address now! All members of congress are held accountable by God and the people they represent to take action to impeach Cheney now regardless of political affiliation. Please, just do it!

AnnRaNae Meders

Support the Emergency Paper Ballot Act

The elections will be here before we know it. I urge you to support the Emergency Paper Ballot act. We must concentrate a focused commitment to fix the broken accounting system and install a proveable paper trail or reap the consequences: further inability to stop the disintegration of our democratic rights and responsibilities which are methodically being removed at every level of government. If you look at the recent primary in South Carolina as an example, once again the very close vote in McCain's favor does NOT match the exit polls. This should be VERY disturbing, and there should be a re-count immediately.

Lila Beaumet

Spears is a space case

I think Britney Spears must have the world's greatest publicist. It must be costing her a mint. For all we really know, she may actually be entertaining on the International Space Station &

all those poor weightless multinational blokes gingerly eating Castleberry's stew by the caseload. Apparently, her look-alikes on terra firma can't sing.... Her sightings would rival those of Mr. Presley's, who is eternally young, gorgeous and beleaguered by circumstances.

Patti Morey

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