Letters to the editor

Hillary is the best choice for our next president

Regarding Zeke Linsday's letter "Obama Solid Choice": Most Democrats will be happy to support whoever wins the nomination: either Clinton or Obama (Edwards dropped out). As a party, and as a country, we are blessed to have such attractive candidates willing to clean-up the Bush mess. But as a party we are required to choice the best candidate, and the best President. On both counts it is Sen. Clinton who stands out.

As we learned in 2004, a desire for change alone cannot overcome a weak campaign. Current polling suggests Americans will vote Democratic in November. But, time and again, Republicans have proven adept at corrupting the process through attack ads, wedge issues and 'divide and conquer' strategies. The Republican attack machine will surely make the race tighter than it now appears. Democrats must ask "Who will best stand-up to the attacks, fight back most effectively, and carry the day?"

No Democrat has endured more attacks (personal and political) than Hillary Clinton. More importantly, she has not only endured but thrived. She won her Senate seat from New York in 2000 despite hostility from upstate Republicans. She handily won re-election in 2006 with wide support from that conservative region. By all accounts, she has earned the respect of her Senate colleagues &

Republicans included. Sixteen years of right-wing bile has not stopped her from becoming one of the most effective leaders in the Senate. No one is better prepared to triumph over the negative assaults to come and lead Democrats to victory than Hillary Clinton.

It is also vital we nominate the candidate best able to tackle the enormous problems ahead. Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, health care, a weak economy &

the list goes on.

If ever there was a time for proven experience, this is it. Her years as a politically active First Lady, her decades of advocacy for social justice and her seven years in the Senate provide her with an unrivaled portfolio of experience. It would be difficult to name someone more ready to be President than Hillary Clinton.

Senator Obama has many gifts and his future in the party is very bright. But currently he is a little short on experience. As Democrats &

and as Americans &

it is vital that we nominate and elect the person best able to confront the challenges we face. By virtue of her experience, fortitude and accomplishment Hillary Clinton is that person.

Bill Langan

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