Letters to the editor

Thanks for help during snowstorm

I'd like to thank everyone who helped keep Ashland running during the snowstorm Jan. 27. The imprudent snowmobiling excursion of two Ashland firefighters notwithstanding, our local law enforcement, fire department, city services, search and rescue teams, and utility companies provided amazing efforts throughout that day and the rest of the week. A city snowplow driver even stopped on Monday to help me dig out the car of an older neighbor, all the while trying to figure out how he could help even more. Besides these paid employees, we also have volunteer search and rescue teams, not to mention an active Civil Air Patrol group, some of whom were out all night Jan. 27 rescuing people (and two firefighters) who were surprised by the storm. I hope everyone appreciates the time and dedication these members of our community give to keep our city safe and running.

John Williams

Drivers should shut up and drive

When it snows and the roads are icy, we should have one hundred percent of our attention focused on what we're doing when we're behind the wheel of a car.

It's too bad the driver of a behemoth SUV did not care to worry about such road conditions when he was exiting a parking lot on Washington Street. I was driving down the road from Ashland Racquet Club when he rolled out of the parking lot in his silver SUV directly into the path of my vehicle, obliviously yapping on his cell phone.

It's fortunate that I was going slowly, mindful of the snow and ice on the road (at least one of us was) which enabled me to swerve into the opposite lane. It's also fortunate that no one was in that lane.

This man continued on his merry way despite my horn blowing. He continued to pull in front of me never once touching his brakes. He pulled into a gas station on Ashland Street and it was a temptation for me to follow him and give him a piece of my mind.

What I would have said was along the lines of, 'Shut up and drive!.'

Kathleen Hildreth

Reference to

Vietnam war leader

Penny Beck's letter in the Jan. 29 issue regarding environmental destruction refers to actions by "Admiral Zimbalist" approving the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam. Ms Beck obviously confuses the actor Efrem Zimbalist, Jr with Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. Admiral Zumwalt was indeed involved in that decision and co-authored the poignant book "My Father, My Son" in which he takes full responsibility for his part. I am retired from the Navy and a proud Vietnam veteran. In my opinion Admiral Zumwalt was a great man of integrity, honesty and bold leadership. I recommend his autobiographical book "On Watch" to Tidings readers.

Gary GreksoukLCDR USN (Ret)

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