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Thanks for


swim team

Thank you for the great coverage of Ashland High's swim team at the District Championship this past weekend. Both the girls and boys teams did a really great job of stepping up and performing so well. Along with their well-deserved congratulations, it's also important to extend a huge thank you to the Aquatics Foundation of Southern Oregon (AFSO) and Cyndi Mathews, as well as Southern Oregon Water Polo, the Rogue Valley Masters Swimmers, Ashland and Phoenix High Schools, and all the people who have worked so very hard to help keep the SOU pool open this year for our local athletes. It's a big job, and they deserve a big thank you from the whole community. I sincerely hope the pool can stay open for the talented athletes already in the water, and also for the younger ones yet to come. The SOU facility is a tremendous asset to our community, but an endangered one. Save the pool.

Susan Marsden

Light bulbs can make a difference

I am a sixth-grader at Ashland Middle School and I have been very concerned about the health of our planet and how much it is being polluted by us. I have talked with lots of kids and many of them are wondering how long we will have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.

I am concerned that future generations may not get to see all the different types of animals, birds, trees, and the gorgeous deep blue skies of earth that we have been able to enjoy. We can all help in a big way by replacing our old light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs. If just one room in every home in America used Energy Star lighting the annual savings would equal the output of 21 power plants.

There is not much I can do because I am a kid, but this is something I can do. If you would like to help our planet and save money on your energy bills, please buy energy efficient light bulbs. I've seen the bulbs at Fred Meyer and Wal-Mart for only .99 cents. Help preserve the future of our planet, replace your old bulbs with energy efficient bulbs today.

Allison Tiffany

Online anonymity essential to


If anyone wishes to question the importance of anonymity in the comments section on the Ashland Daily Tidings Web site, I would submit to you this scenario:

On Tuesday, Feb. 5, I commented on the article titled, "Tidings editor dismissed from position." I took a strong stance defending my former editor Andrew Scot Bolsinger. It was not an anonymous post, it included my name and e-mail address.

The next day, I recieved a copy of an e-mail sent to my publisher, John Brewer, at the Peninsula Daily News from the person who goes by the name of Whatever!. The e-mail included copies of my comments and described them as "inappropriate" and "immature."

What my current publisher would find interesting about my comments, I can only wonder.

I also wonder about the motives of someone like Whatever!. Why send me a copy? So I'd be aware he was tattling on me? Who is being immature now?

Intimidation tactics of this are not a problem for annonymous posters.

One of the many things Scot fought for was the freedom to comment on the Tidings' Web site without fear of intimidation from people like Whatever!. He faced scrutiny from the public and his publisher. With Scot gone, we can only guess how long we have to enjoy this freedom and protection.

I never knew Scot Bolsinger as a businessman, and I never met the Scot Bolsinger from seven years ago. I knew the man who was my editor and mentor, and he will always have my respect, despite Whatever!'s efforts.

Scott Steussy

Port Angeles, Wash.

Editor's note: The legitimate name of the individual about whom the above letter is referencing has been withheld to protect his anonymity.

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