Letters to the editor

Agent Orange a menace to society

Gary Greksouk is correct, I apologize for spelling his name wrong. My letter was written in admiration for this man, and his son, whom I had met as a nurse. He said he might have still used Agent Orange, but had he known the truth, would have used it differently. I have also read the book "On Watch." My reason for referring to the admiral was to point out for all of his research on Agent Orange &

he was not given the correct information by scientists. We had a recent article in the paper about the federal government placing cans of a chemical that contains cyanide in the forests. If this is moved it explodes and can kill our unwanted animals etc. Also, it kills people, bees, birds, insects, and do we want this to happen? I think not. A man hiking in the forest kicked one, and was injured. Enough said!

Penny Beck

Impeach the president and VP

Bush and Cheney deserve to be impeached for the damage that they have done to this country, but more importantly, they should be impeached in order to preserve the constitutional balance of power. The worst thing would be for another president (Democrat or Republican) to use Bush's tactics as a precedent for further abuse of presidential power.

James Elliott

Jackson Co. needs more leaders

Three county commissioners for 198,600 residents? I don't think so. We need to recall at least one commissioner and have at least seven Jackson County Commissioners who can more adequately make decisions for all of us.

Wendy Eppinger

Tell Bush to stop violating rights

One of the most precious amendments in our Bill of Rights is the protection against unwarranted search and seizure.

The telecom industry has abridged those rights at the behest of the Bush administration. They must be held accountable.

Our elected representatives need to stand up to Bush as he tries to bully them into agreeing to let the telecoms off the hook.

I expect my representatives to filibuster as long as necessary to send Bush and Co. our message: We will no longer stand for violation of our constitutional rights.

Harriet Berman

Protect civil rights from erosion

I spent four years of my life defending the U.S. in WWII. Now to see an administration nibbling away at our civil rights that are protected by the U.S. Constitution is a sickening thing.

I, for one, will not stand for that. I may be too old to fight militarily but I'm not too old to do whatever I can to protect the Constitution for my children and grandchildren.

Gerald Hirschfeld

Celebrating unity of gay relations

Congratulations to all our gay brothers and sisters on your well-deserved new domestic partnership rights, particularly to my sister Sylvia.

In this time of torture and wiretapping we have an actual step toward liberty and justice for all.

David Scoggin and family


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