Letters to the editor

Leaders should preserve the

Judeo-Christian republic

On Feb. 8 the Daily Tidings ran two letters concurrently from Risa Buck and Jack Seybold, respectively. Both writers deserve credit for caring about civic activism, voter education, holding our elected officials in Washington, D.C. accountable, and for taking back our republic. This is commendable and infinitely more noble than being addicted to drugs, alcohol, the T.V. , cell phones, football, sports, and athletics, and worse yet, pornography.

If the American masses would expend as much time, energy, and money into preserving freedom and human dignity via the Biblical Judeo-Christian principles our nation was chartered upon, then our streets and neighborhoods would be alot safer, communities would become whole, and sanity restored. Let us therefore be properly informed about the proper role of government, and the type the founders envisioned: a republic. America is a republic, not a democracy. Perhaps no better explanation of this is explained via TRIM (Tax Reform Immediatley) at .

Under "Congress and the Constitution" the article "Back to Basics" explains the difference. Are we a government of laws, or of men? Again a marked distinctlion exists between a republic vs. a democracy. May God bless our republic. The Bible states: "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." Proverbs 29:2

James A. Farmer

Veterans are

deserving of

more respect

My father is a retired Naval Commander. He went to Vietnam when he was 17 as a nurse, and was activated after Sept. 11. He is now 53 and works very hard at a local clinic.

I entered the city recorder's office with my father to obtain my passport. While we were gathering information for myself, he asked how he could get his passport re-issued. He had been denied because he only had certified copies of his birth certificate and naturalization papers, not the originals, because he was born in Athens, Greece and adopted.

In asking these simple questions, he mentioned that he was not born in this country but didn't specify where, which immediately changed the demeanor of the front desk workers. Their responses became blunt and rude, when the only thing that needed to be said was that the passport office has nothing to do with obtaining your birth certificate, a point that was not clarified, just talked around.

As his daughter I was shocked and offended. We were polite, and we looked and spoke like your average upper-middle class citizens, but we received service that you would see in a DMV parody. How could a person be blatantly rude to my father in front of me? What do you do when someone insults your parents?

As a 20-something, I have vowed to not turn my back and mutter as I did that day, but to yell and cause a scene in defense of my parents, regardless of how much I embarrass them. My father can fight for his country but he can't get respect from state and federal employees.

Watch what you say to someone in front of their parents, because it might just be me.

Natalie Pace

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