Letters to the editor

Crib Tales commentary was hurtful

Regarding "Tales from the Crib" of Feb. 18, I think it was a vile and hurtful column. The author thinks that our city budget is outrageous and, though it's difficult to parse the relevant paragraph, she apparently thinks the city council was responsible of the closure of Lincoln School, which is described as a ""&

166;misguided and short-sighted decision."

Of course, it was the Ashland School Board that made that painful decision.

In any case, both the city council and the school board are composed of, except for the mayor, unpaid volunteers who by any reasonable standard are acting in what they perceive to be the best interests of our community.

I wonder if the author paid any of these volunteers the courtesy of a phone call to learn the facts and their thinking behind our multi-million dollar budget and the reasons why Lincoln School had to be closed.

Her inflammatory column suggests that she didn't, and thereby was unjustly hurtful to these volunteers. Instead, we should all extend our thanks for their efforts.

John Barton

Heartsong Chai Hut offers thanks for support

Thank you for featuring us on the Backpage of the Daily Tidings last week. We have received so much attention and love from the Ashland community since the article ran. The article produced many exciting possibilities for raising the working capital we require for the launch of our herbal brews into Washington and Northern California.

Our 100/100 Campaign caught the attention of April Starlight, owner of the Inner Child Caf&

233; in Ashland. April let us know we were not alone in our struggles.

The Inner Child Caf&

233; is a special and fun place for parents and kids, a space for play and imagination. Open just over a year now, their cash flow challenges are also due to the expenses of building the caf&

233;, a foundation they will rely on for years to come.

April and Elizabeth began talking more frequently and decided it was time to get creative about funding. Chad, the Chai Guy, got involved and booked VibeSquaD, his ultimate and favorite DJ to come from Colorado to Ashland to play a benefit. The result is this stellar event on March — at 10 p.m. at the Inner Child Caf&

233;. Music begins at 10 PM and Admission is sliding scale $10-100.

All the money at the door will benefit the Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company and the Inner Child Caf&

233; both women led businesses that are incredible assets to the Rogue Valley Community!

Elizabeth Bretko

Siskiyou Blvd needs more actual traffic lights

I am very saddened by hearing of the death of the young Gladys Jimenez after she was hit by a car while in a crosswalk at Garfield and Siskiyou. I strongly suggest that actual traffic control lights be installed as soon as possible at all of the crossings along Siskiyou fronting the university """" pedestrian-controlled regulation traffic lights: red means stop, period, just stop.

The death of Gladys Jimenez is a tragedy; and it should be a wake-up call to this town to quit with the suggestions and do the thing that will work to stop cars at intersections.

Jim Chadwick

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