Letters to the editor

Kitchell family has gratitude

It is difficult to adequately thank the hundreds of people who have done so our much for our family over the past few months. My husband, Dave Kitchell, felt so loved, especially during his last few weeks of life. His hospital rooms at OHSU and Providence were literally lined with cards, letters, gifts, pictures, and flowers. Your care and compassion were overwhelming.

We want to specifically thank a few groups. First of all, we want to thank the Bellview Elementary staff, students, and parents, the staff of Talent Middle School, the staff and students of Ashland High School, and Ashland Middle School. We want to thank the Ashland football team, basketball team, and Booster club. Thank you, also, to the people who dropped off food for our family. A big thank you goes to Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church for the food after the funeral and all of the support from the parish.

Thanks to Litwiller-Simonsen Funeral home for coordinating all of the services. We want to thank People's Bank for setting up a fund to help with all of our expenses, and the people who so generously donated. We also want to thank the Best Western Windsor Inn for taking great care of our family. We feel so incredibly blessed to live in a community that truly cares for one another, and shows it in so many ways.

Finally, I want to thank a few key people who helped me through the especially tough times. Thank you to my family, Dan and Linda Jackson, Damian Sherry Jackson, and Brie and Morgan Moon.

I want to thank the speakers at the memorial service and funeral, Father Sean Weeks, Jim Nagel, Charlie Hall, Kevin Hancock, Karl Kemper, Russ Pellar, Tim Palmesano, Gary McNeil, Brian Kitchell, Dan Jackson, and Jerry Hauck. I would also like to thank those who purchased ACH Lights for Life in memory of Dave: Dan and Linda Jackson, Bruce and Carolyn Johnson, Ashland Orthopedic Associates, AHS basketball coaches, Dick and Jean Bernard, and Vicki Bernard.

Ashland Hospice was also absolutely incredible. Finally, I want to thank a few key people who helped in so many ways: Candace Palmesano, Flora Avgeris, Vickie Wescom, Jan McDermott, Laurie MacGraw, Lindsay and Chris Gates, Serena Robinson, Jennifer Richmond, and Scott Hunter.

I hope that you can understand that I cannot keep up with the hundreds of thank you notes that need to be written. It is overwhelming. Please know that you have touched our lives in a profound way and we will be forever grateful.

You have lived Dave's mantra, "We all love and care for one another."

Tricia, Brian

and MacKenzie Kitchell

Attack dog owner, please give a call

Last Saturday on A Street at about — p.m. a larger dog on a leash being held by its owner attacked my little black dog. Sadly, because the little black dog was shaken so hard, it died a few hours later. We never got the name of the owner of the larger dog, but I would so appreciate if the owner of that dog would contact me. We have no intent on being vengeful, but honestly it would just help us as we deal with losing our little dog. Call 482-1450.

Shannon Rio

Religous beliefs misunderstood

In reference to the myth of our "Judaic-Christian Republic" (Letter, Feb. 14), one may only hope that some day, one day, those who so believe will look at what the founders of the nation and the framers of the Constitution really thought and wrote and spoke. Of course they will not do so, or having done so, have recoiled in despair and simply continue to peddle their line as if it were valid.

The framers and the founders were all men of their "enlightenment" times. Such religious views as they held were tepid at best; a few like Benjamin Franklin were atheists, others were agnostic; most were "deists" for whom the "religious hypothesis" (as David Hume put it) was but a barely credible idea concerning the natural world. Not one of them ws adamantly in favor of religion playing a role in politics. For them, it was a private, not a public affair.

As for the democratic vs. republican form, the founders used the term "democracy" in reference to the direct popular control of government and the term "republic" for democratic representative government, the only one possible in a large state at the time. Read them, they were great writers,

Gerald Cavanaugh

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