Letters to the editor

The sky is not falling, unless Bush says it is

It seems we must learn to accept that nothing can be true until or unless our leaders say it is true. Only then, when we have the official say-so from on high, only then may we enjoy the great privelege &

nay, the rightful duty &

of believing what we already know but what was heretofore, politically "incorrect." Thus, one day the sun verily revolves around the earth, and the next day vice versa. One day it is a most ridiculous notion to wash one's hands after dissecting a cadaver, the next it is absolutely requisite.

Our President says we are "not headed toward a recession." Whew! Thank goodness. (I hope he also means we're not already in the midst of one).

I think our leaders should tell us we all have full tanks of gas. That would be very helpful indeed. They should tell us we have plenty of jobs and money and that America has not become an autonomous region of China. But, they are probably sweating over the notion of what could happen if the world's oil suppliers suddenly switch pricing their barrels of oil from U.S. dollars to Euros.

Patti Morey


of 'vetting'

"Vetting" of candidates has come to mean that press, pundits, or somebody's campaign savages another with questionable gossip: eg. Kerry's Swift-boaters, Gore's inventing the internet, Clinton's White-Water scandal or Vince Foster's assassination, (Bill's actual infidelity), McCain's multi-race love child and all varieties of mythical or nonsensical frenzy having little to do with actual ability to make wise governing decisions.

"Vetting" certainly doesn't require having real world experience, like working in the inner city as a community organizer and activist, or in the courts as a public defender, or having lived abroad and seen first-hand the cultural experience of others.

"Vetted" doesn't mean you know about single-parent households, or what it means to live on food stamps, or that you've taught school &

let alone the Constitution, or written books, or legislated at the state level.

I guess "vetting" means having been through inflated and petty attacks and run the gauntlet of a fevered press needing to sell papers and soap, but not too concerned about real service to inform the electoral public.

We did "Vet" George Bush. We all learned he'd be a great guy to have a beer with. What's real world experience to that?

Rob Hirschboeck

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