Letters to the editor

Standing ovation for 'Fences'

OSF's "Fences" is one of the most moving, profound dramatic experiences theater-goers may ever wish for. Great writing makes a great play but the direction and the actors' realization of the author's words are what make a great performance. These elements all come together in "Fences." Heartbreak, joy, failure and triumph---the stuff of life--- are all so richly and movingly present in this rare story. Experience it.

Ragan and Gerald Cavanaugh

Help those with mental illness

Various forms of mental illness are an increasing problem in American society. I'm disabled for psychological reasons and know what it's like to be so disconnected from reality one can't, say, cross a street. Many use the word "insane" or "mad" as if these were glamorous or positive conditions; They're not, although many great innovators have had mentally illnesses. The truth is that chaos, and the worship of technology and greed are creating psychosis on a scale far larger than ever in history.

I personally struggled through Southern Oregon University and then a number of jobs, experiencing delusions of grandeur and fits of terrified depression, before finding myself in a bed at Rogue Valley Medical Center. The staff here were very supportive and compassionate ... as they have been each time crisis has brought me through their doors.

Also very helpful to me has been Jackson County Mental Health. My caseworker and many others have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me live a worthwhile, relatively sane life. Thank you so much.

But the truth be told: I still have psychotic days, like yesterday.

Reading and writing poetry, maintaining loving relationships with friends and family, avoiding all illegal drugs and alcohol, and religiously taking my medications all help me to transcend the malfunctions of my brain.

Helping people with mental illness is extremely important. Many of them are unusually sensitive and intelligent, and if they receive the right care early enough, have a chance to make something of themselves and make this third rock from the sun a better place.

Sean Lawlor Nelson

Request for Oregon items

My name is Alex B. I am a fifth-grader at West Ridge Elementary School in Harlan, Iowa. My class is studying geography and history of the United States. I would appreciate if anyone in Ashland would send me a postcard, state map, souvenir, or any information about the wildlife, plants, foods, sports teams in the state of Oregon. My teacher would especially appreciate it if someone would send a car license plate for a project if possible. I am appreciate your time.

Alex B.

Mrs. Newlin's Social Studies class

West Ridge Elementary School

1401 19th Street

Harlan, IA 51537

Concerned about kids being killed

There were protesters at Ashland Planned Parenthood today. Their signs read, "Abortion is killing children." Here's news for these folks. America has no problem killing children. That's what the federal taxes pay for.

We kill children everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan. We don't stop the governments of Sudan or Israel from killing children. We kill our own children everyday with the food we buy for them, with the pollution our factories and cars make, with the emergency trailers our government gave them to live in after Hurricane Katrina.

Kids are pretty much like puppies; our main concern is teaching them not to bite before they grow big enough to take us out. Bush wouldn't even sign the Kyoto environmental treaties, thereby dooming not just our children, but everybody's children, forever and ever, amen.

Still have qualms about abortion?

Terry Miner

Student safety needs attention

Thank you John Williams for pointing out that "too few injuries" had been reported. Remember how shocked we were at the Auto Industry when they did a cost study on safety changes verses liability payments for death or injuries.

Unlike Colin, the SOU students are thinking about how much money they'll have for the end of the month, and how they can pass that next exam. Should I change my major? Does he, she, or they like me? Students are not normally thinking about 'how will I cross the street?'

We've been there and know that may come later with age. The drivers should be more mature but that's not necessarily the case. The city and university needs to solve how to protect our students from our drivers and themselves. The new design of Siskiyou does not work, so let's fix it!

Donald Politis

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