Letters to the editor

Deal doesn't pass the smell test

Regarding your article about the park and ride (Park-and-ride could ease congestion, Feb. 27), I've lived in the Rogue Valley long enough to put two and two together. Does this little deal involve any other amount of real estate in the immediate area?&

Has anyone asked that question? I make this deal for you and get another several acres to build on?

When was the last time anyone here watched Chinatown?

Kim Cower

Crossing guards for AHS?


Ashland High School students will become more at risk as they jaywalk to avoid the embarrassment of having to cross Siskiyou with a crossing guard, as if they were still in elementary school.

This plan is an insult to the AHS students and to the bond-paying citizens. I find it to be on the same level as hiring someone to tell the city council how an adult should behave in public.

Brian Gorham

Do not believe in telecom immunity

Our Constitution has been decimated by the Bush-Cheney administration, and I do not believe in telecom immunity. What will it take to protect our Constituion from this administration's endless attacks?

Pamela Goodwin

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