Letters to the editor

Ashland needs to get serious about sustainability

It's been shown that the best way to transition is to work together. In my eyes, Ashland is a forward thinking town, full to the brim with brilliant and motivated people. When is the Ashland community as a whole going to embrace a plan of action to get us on the sustainability bandwagon?

I don't think many will deny that there may be troubled waters ahead, as a country, and as a planet, and I want to know how Ashland is going to play its role in trying to avert from our current course. I want to know who is interested in unifying as a town and community to talk about how we can make changes together, with a goal of carbon neutrality in the forefronts of all our minds.

Maybe being an active and conscious town is the first step, but let's not take the next one too late!

Stuart Trivers

How dare those homeless people!

How dare the homeless choose not to live in houses in America!

How dare they seek freedom in the land of the free? They don't deserve to live on reservations like the Indians. We could make them work in exchange for food and a roof over their heads as we did the Africans, but they don't even deserve this because they actually believe they have "freedom of choice" in America.

They are not American citizens if they don't work for our great corporations, which are outsourcing our jobs and companies to other countries that they can exploit much more stubborn Americans. As for our homeless veterans, what good are they if they're no longer able to kill or be killed to protect the rights of all Americans?

This camping/sleeping ban going across America is a great idea to get around the constitution, which prohibits discrimination. Maybe if we deprive these people of sleep, they will finally come to their senses!

Daniel Rueff

Support effort to rein in credit card companies

The rising costs of living, including food, heating and gas prices are making it impossible for many families to cover the bare necessities without using credit cards to fill in the gaps. Many people's salaries have not increased, let alone doubled in the amount of time that gas prices have gone from $1.75 a gallon to $3.55 a gallon. And yet the credit card companies keep putting on the squeeze in every conceivable way &

outrageous late fees, doubled check cashing fees, and over the top interest rates. And the bottom line is the "money" they give us credit on actually has no substance &

they loan us money based on no tangible reality.

It's time for members of Congress to put the brakes on the credit card companies and call an end to outrageous fees, unfair rate hikes and unjust changes in terms &

and all the numerous ways the credit card companies set tar baby traps for people to fall into.

I'm contacting my senators and representative to support HR5244 Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights Act &

how about you?

Ms. AnnRaNae Meders

Close downtown to motor vehicles once a month

I'm a student at Ashland High School in the Wilderness Charter School, and through my recent education I've come to realize an opportunity for our community and the downtown businesses. I'm proposing that one Sunday a month the entire downtown street be closed off to all motor vehicle traffic. This would allow people to be downtown without having the risk and distraction of motor vehicles. It would also encourage people to walk, run, bike, and skateboard in the core area. This means fewer cars on the street, and less green house gasses would be emitted during the time of closure.

This event would bring many people downtown, increasing spending at local businesses. It would also bring a new and friendly vibe to the city center similar to what we've all experienced during the Halloween Parade, or at First Friday. My proposal is not to eliminate motor vehicle traffic from downtown at all times. Instead my proposal is to remove it for a single day each month.

These Sundays would be a fun time to go downtown with family or friends, where you could happily skip, run, walk, or ride. You could enjoy street music or artistic performances. It would be a time for our community to come together, and not have the mental and physical obstacle of motor vehicles. I hope this letter inspires people to make a change, and start a fun event.

Nico Toll

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