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'Alice' commentary way off base

I wish to respond to the "Alice in Wonder Land" commentary of Andrew Klavan appearing in the Tidings March 21, in which he states "Government programs manifestly worsen the problems they're designed to solve, whereas freedom in markets and ideas always seem strangely to improve things."

He further lauds Milton Friedman, whose acolyte Alan Greenspan the ex-chairman of the Federal Reserve, allowed the unregulated Wall Street free marketeers to take the country's financial system into the toilet while allowing its CEOs to pocket millions at the expense of stockholders. He extolls Friedman as a "genius" and tops it off with "Unlike liberals, rightists, after a period of open discussion and thought, actually will admit when they are wrong and change their minds" The Queen's response in the upside world of "Alice" was "Off with their head" I think it's too late for Klavan. He has apparently already lost it.

Jim Sears

Anonymity hinders communication

Hi Jeff Golden,

I was just having a diatribe with myself in the mirror about just the same subject. It has been one of my indignation irritations for many years. Anonymity! Conformity!

It came to me in a very emotional way again when I was watching Bill Moyers interview the producers of "Body of War."

The mother, and the now terribly crippled older brother were both not able to express their true feelings about the younger brother going off to Iraq for the third time.

The mother, knowing she had the right to keep him home because the older brother had been so crippled in the war, would not do so because "he wanted to go."

The disabled older brother would not express his fear of the younger brother going to war because "he has always looked up to me. How can I show him my fear?"

My take on this is that the younger brother might be going to Iraq to avenge his idolized older brother who had given his body to the war and thought he had to support him, having no idea that his brother didn't want him to go.

His mother, even if she lost the respect and love of her "baby" might do all she can to keep him home out of harm's way. Better to lose the love and respect of her son than his life.

If all had spoken their true feelings, how different would the situation be?

Thank you Jeff for speaking out. I will do my best to be honest (even though I want everyone to love me, lol).

Jill IlesTalent

Voting democratic for the first time

I am a 72 year old, southern born and raised, white male who has NEVER VOTED DEMOCRATIC. This year my wife and I registered as democrats for the very first time, so we could vote for Obama in the Oregon State Primary.

I am not sure that even Obama is completely aware of how important it is for a person of color to be elected President of the U.S.A. You are, of course, aware that there have been other successful female Heads of State. In the international "playing field" electing a woman is, really, no big deal.

But &

a young black man with a name like Barak Hussein Obama? What other country in the Western World would even consider electing someone like that? That's what the United States of America is all about. It can happen here.

I believe Obama winning this election would do more to legitimize the concept of global democracy than anything that will happen in this century. I believe the opposite will be true if Senator Clinton wins.

I applaud Obama's efforts to keep his campaign out of the gutter, but we cannot expect his opponents to do this. His attempt to take and maintain the "high road" is greatly appreciated by this very interested voter. He has come up with a new game plan &

attempting clean politics. What a concept!

Eddie RichardsonRogue River

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