Letters to the Editor

Thanks for your support

P.E.O. (philanthropic educational organization), Chapter FO, of Ashland, wishes to thank the community for their annual support in purchasing nuts and Christmas home tour tickets. The proceeds from these events go towards scholarships for women who need financial support in continuing education, helping make a difference in women's lives. For information about this organization, please call 482-0819.

Thank you.

Linda Croft

Kids need to learn about abstinence

I have to wonder if you folks at the paper are reading your content. I haven't heard anybody connecting the dots of related articles. Last week a columnist lamented the fact that poor students may have to choose between eating and providing themselves with birth control devices due to the increase in price of these products that had been provided at artificially low prices. Does anyone explain the high cost, both monetarily and emotionally, of conceiving? A few days later a report reveals that — in 4 young women have some form of STDs. Anyone see a light bulb going on here? These results are due to the devaluing of self worth, the seeming need for instant gratification and the inability to think long-term.

Whenever the idea of teaching abstinence in schools comes up, it appears to get ridiculed as unrealistic. Kids will be kids, remember when we were young and look how well we turned out, etc. What isn't considered is that a good abstinence program will instill ultimate respect for ones self as well as others. Long-term consequences will be considered and hopefully honored. It does not turn its back and pretend that human sexuality doesn't exist, it must be dealt with. Some may feel hypocritical in telling kids to not do things that they themselves did, but that is what the wisdom of age brings to our lives. Respect the wisdom that you have achieved, share that wisdom, be painfully honest if need be and love your fellow man.


Peter Mattson

Bulb donations were a blessing

Have you noticed all the daffodils blooming around Ashland? Newcomers will be interested to learn that several years ago THOUSANDS of bulbs were given to Ashland in memory of a former resident and people quickly planted them. Now we are blessed each spring. Three cheers for all who were involved in this act of random kindness.

Margaret Gelatt

Obama speech reflects character

I urge those people who have not done so already to read or listen to Barak Obama's speech on race in its entirety. It reveals to me a man who is thoughtful, courageous and smart. It also shows me someone who does not turn his back on those he does not always agree with, and someone who seeks to understand the deep complexities in human relationships. These are qualities that bring people of diverse backgrounds together and promote positive change.

Katie Ortlip


City restriction is not needed

Hey, City Attorney and City Council, how about cutting some slack for the people who would just love to sit in the parks and play drums once in a while? We could use more drumming and dancing around here. Thanks.

Jim Chadwick

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